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Author Topic: EscortScarlett - Batley  (Read 871 times)

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Offline xwanker

https://www.adultwork.com/3198471 or https://www.adultwork.com/Escortscarlett

price: 150 / 1.5 hour
location: house in Batley - less than 10 minutes from J27 on M62

Scarlett has been getting excellent reviews and her preferences tick all the boxes on my list.  I sent through an enquiry on AW, she replied immediately accepting but suggesting 30 minutes later, which was fine by me and I put a booking through.  She did worry when I didn't reply to her text, but I dont leave my phone on all the time.  With my phone on I received her contact number, then on the day of the meeting, her postcode.

I drove up in plenty of time and phoned to confirm I was on my way - I said I might arrive early according to the satnav and she said she would be ready even early.  Coming from the south I left the M1 at J40, which was probably the wrong way as it led me through the centre of Batley (thanks Google).  I found the modern estate, phoned Scarlett and she told me the house.  Detached house which is immaculate.
I was offered a drink and accepted a cuppa. 

Scarlett is as described in other reviews - early 40s, black hair, pretty, trim figure.  She was dressed in a dressing gown.  We chatted while the kettle boiled and then (shoes off and) upstairs to the very tidy bedroom.  I used the bathroom and washed my bits, on my return to the bedroom Scarlett was lounging on the bed.  Under the robe she had on a 3 piece lingerie set with holdups. We embraced and kissed, no holding back with the DFK. We lost the lingerie over the next few minutes (the basque thingie was said to be too difficult for me to undo - ha I like a challenge - no problem).  The chat continued and I was asked what my favourite bits were.

We went through RO, Scarlett is very smooth and clean down there, followed by intense fingering, I hope that Scarlett enjoyed it as much as she seemed to, she certainly became pretty wet.  I asked if she could really deep throat and she said she had only failed once, on a "cock like a python (what green and slithery?)".  She certainly could, right down to the base and I enjoyed a session of OWO until I had to call a pause.

On with the large condom (I'm sure that's a very nice piece of psychology ;)) and some very nice missionary and cowgirl.  That's a seriously muscular and tight pussy.  Both positions were pretty good, with me doing the work or lying back and allowing Scarlett to ride me.
Onto anal, a bit of lube and into doggy, which seemed the right height.  I was getting in, but it didnt seem to be working, and Scarlett was uncomfortable.  Fine, I pulled out, no problem.  "no wait" says Scarlett, "that's one of your favourites, let's try again", so we did, slowly and with a change of angle, which worked fine.  I got in to full depth with no further discomfort.  After a bit of introduction I was able to pound away to my hearts content, as deep and fast as I wanted.  Then over for missionary anal (let me get back on the bed).  Again no further problem and pretty spectacular for me with Scarlett's legs vertical in the air.

Change of condom and back to pussy fucking.  I could happily have finished in there, but the pervert in me wanted CIM or a facial.  That was not a problem, a bit more DT and Scarlett sucked and wanked me to a combined CIM/facial - pretty much a perfect ending.

We cuddled and chatted in the afterglow, there was certainly no clockwatching - I was perhaps 10 minutes over my time.  I would have been worried that the bedroom clock was 4 minutes fast, but I ran over by my own watch.

I had a shower, which was ok once I figured out the temperature (more difficult than unhooking the basque).

I had a really relaxing visit which I really recommend.  I now have two favourite escorts - both Scarletts - Batley and Doncaster (ScarlettRose).


15 review(s) found for Escortscarlett linked to in above post (14 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Nice one xwanker. I can't wait to work in the Leeds area again to give me an excuse to see her.

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