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Author Topic: Vanessa Love07 - Coventry  (Read 1725 times)

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I met Venessa yesterday as scheduled and I am pleased to say that it was indeed a delightful punt. :yahoo:
I would say the pictures are fairly accurate (8/10). She's got a cracking body and the minor flaws are more than made up for by her amazing attitude. She's enthusiastic and willing to please. The quality of the service was good. I did ask about owo and got a polite NO.

Overall, I would rate her an 8/10 and would certainly pay her a visit when she's here next.

The only negative is the price when compared with Demi or Alexa and possibly her English which isn't as fluent.


1 review(s) found for Vanessa Love07 linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline getonit

 NEW IN TOWN  -  Yaaaaaaay

 LAST FEW DAYS- That's Coventry for you.

Anyway, she didn't do OWO , which isn't on her profile so far enough , what about other services ?  French kissing /oral on her / rimming ?

Offline Marsh777

I saw her too, before she left. Incredibly sexy, stunning body but no kissing. To be fair she made that clear before we started, she then convinced me to stay 30 mins instead of an hour (I didn't need much convincing). Good covered oral, nice tight pussy which made me cum pretty quickly actually - a good job I didn't stay the hour.

Nowhere near as good a punt as Demi but much hotter.

Offline CoolTiger

Her visit to the UK must be over, as profile gone.

Yes it is and she expected back anytime soon either.  :dash: :dash:

Isn't*... Absolutely hate my phone. :mad: :angry:

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