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Author Topic: Jayda Dee Canary Wharf  (Read 1895 times)

Just wondering if anyone could give any feed back on Jayda Dee. She's very close and I'd really like to give her a go but can't find any feed back.

Sorry don't know how to post link.


Offline Agent W

There's a link at the bottom of each profile.


Looks cute, though £150 a little on the steep side for me.

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Offline sumo75

She's very attractive, got a lovely sense of humour, and if she wasn't on the complete opposite side to London from me, I'd see her regularly.  She's got a bigger natural rack than most Thai girls, and as far as I was concerned, it was a fairly vanilla experience, which in fine with.  Anything else and I can't really comment.

I saw her last Summer when she was at her previous location near Euston.

A very pretty girls; everything was on offer, and (typically Thai) was only interested in making you happy and satisfied. Limited English - suffice to say, her AW profile was not written by her!

I think she's a little taller than 4'9" ... certainly over 5 feet, but not much.

I'd certainly go back to see her again, probably for a 90 minute visit.
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