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Author Topic: AdultWork Age Verification  (Read 1159 times)

I have gone though a few threads on this, but I am still confused as to the easiest way to proceed.

I want to get "Age Verified" on AW so I can access webcam shows etc.

When I go to the appropriate page on AW I see a dropdown menu with three options - which all seem to cost money and last for periods of one month to six months. But I am unclear WHY age verification costs money and, even if it did, what is the issue re some kind of time period. Surely one registers, proves ones age and that is it? Or is this just a money-making "scam" by AW.

On the second drop down menu there are various options re proving ones age. I get those but want advice as to how best to comply. My punting name is DIFFERENT (obviously) from the name that would give me age verification. So how does one handle that?

Any CLEAR ADVICE appreciated. Maybe I am just being thick, but I cannot figure out how to simple and easily just get this done, once and for all.


Offline megadik

I too need to verify.. any good suggestions please..?

Can't you just do it through your burner phone as long as it unlocked for 18+ stuff? 0r using a pre paid Mastercard

**cough cough**  It's possible that I may have got age verified using my elderly fathers name and address.....but that is just a rumour!

Offline MrXYZ987

Just do the text thing. If it's currently locked for 18+ content then it should take but a call & few minutes with network provider to unlock. AW are just covering themselves in regards to those timelines.

Offline megadik

Thanks everyone  your suggestions  :hi: :hi: - i think i have a pre paid card. will try that as first thing..

Offline Jessica English

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Hi I'm a verified working girl which means I have shown appropriate id that proves my age. I sent adult work a photo of  my passport they asked for one which showed all four corners . They used to also except drivers licences but they will now only except passports which goes for british members as well as members who are from Poland or other countries . I added that as I saw on UKE that a polish girl had put up a screenshot of a email adult work had sent her saying that because people from her country have been photo shopping driver licences to make them look the right age when they aren't,  I thought it was a pretty crumby email to send to her when it is their new rule for everyone  :( .

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