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Author Topic: Florence of Perivale Escorts/Alperton Girls  (Read 1229 times)

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After my recent disappointment with Ashley Diamond I found myself going over different profiles on AW and other sites, cross referencing them with this site and then discounting them or trying to contact them to no avail.
I'd just about got to the point of nearly giving up when I came across Alperton Girls on Ace Massage. I 'phoned and spoke to an English sounding madam/maid who told me the only girl available was Florence who wasn't one of the pictured girls, she did however point me towards the link on Vivastreet,
Mainly because I was running short of time  decided to go for it; determined to walk if I wasn't entirely happy and comfortable.
I arrived in the road to find ample free parking a 2 minute walk from the modern block where the flat is, entryphone system on the main door and a lift to the 6th floor, the door to the flat was opened as I arrived, I didn't see any other people on the way in so was
happily anonymous.
Once inside I was shown to the bedroom by the English woman who I'd spoken to earlier. The room was clean, tidy and had a nice ensuite, I used this to freshen up which took a few minutes and  then came back into the room which was still empty of any company. I started to worry at this point and stood rather nervously waiting to see what would happen.
Only a minute or so passed before Florence appeared, she introduced herself and shook my hand (WTF!) We discussed briefly what was on offer and prices and I elected for 30mins for £60 with and extra £10 for DFK I could have also payed extra for OWO and doubtless for other services. She disappeared again and came back a few moments later and we got onto the bed, me lying on my back she crawled between my legs got the little fella going with a good bit of oral for about 3 or 4 mins then came up for air for a minute shuffling round so that I could play with her lovely soft boobs. She must have sensitive nipples as they quickly hardened by my grazing my thumbs across them but she kept her pussy away from hands so I guess that was probably another extra charge. Then onto cowgirl, mish then cowgirl again with her tits dangling over my face so I could kiss and suck her nipples then as I got close she rolled to lie next to me and finished me off with her hand while kissing me passionately. There was about 5 mins of my time left after she had cleaned me up and we spent this kissing, cuddling and chatting.
According to the Vivastreet profile Florence is mixed Punjabi/Indian she is definitely not. She is Portuguese and says her mother was Indian, that I can believe as she has beautiful smooth dark olive skin. She's attractive has a generous figure but is not fat by any means and is very talkative borderline on time wasting.

After my last punt the fact that she seemed enthusiastic in what she was doing made me feel like I was the centre of her attention for the time I had booked her for.

Overall a good experience which I thought though not great value for money wasn't too bad, I could have given her a neutral but i really enjoyed it so positive it is.......

Hopefully I'm on the up as far as punting is concerned.

Thanks for the review! It is worth putting on the "to do list"

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