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Author Topic: Girls in Barnsley - Any feedback  (Read 901 times)

Offline mrgeo

Hi, i'm new to the site and just wanted to ask if anyone has seen the following girls on aw.


They have different numbers but are the exact same location. Likely guessing it is the same girl with a different persona.

Roxie has her fb hidden which is never a good sign and the other does not have any.

I was just wondering if anyone has seen any of the 2 girls?

Also, are there any girls in Barnsley you would recommend.

I am going to see a few and review.

Hi yes seen them both both very good punts, but nothing special

Offline cumtoplay

The agency AngelsNorth do some of their Incalls from appartments in Wombwell

Always on the hunt for nice lasses, Wakefield got some nice stuff to offer!

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