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Author Topic: Petite Juliette  (Read 3223 times)

15 review(s) for Girlfriend Julia... (3 positive, 7 neutral, 5 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline ramrodronnie

Or was 'her'  VIP_Roxana in Pimlico.?  Sorry if I misunderstood but not very clear I must say. But it is anyway it is annoying to hear comments about punts without reviews.

+1 Steely Dan
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Offline ramrodronnie

This is the issue, I grow tired of these posts. "I had a great/rotten time" but I have not reviewed. Help the punter by feeding the site and upholding it's ethos...

+1 Nagilum
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Online mrhappypants

I wrote the TOFTT review on Juliette and changed my rating to a negative based on subsequent experience.  Another reviewer summed her up as "ferrile."

I'd echo the comment about reading her back catelogue of reviews.


+1 I agree with SteelyDan. You should post a Review on your punt with Petite Juliette, Gynaemyte.

Type_O was making the point that a WG can get a handful of Negatives and, as an example, he cited VIP_Roxana who he had a good time with.
I was agreeing with his point about VIP_R who I saw in Summer ‘13 but I have not seen her Profile in years so there is little point in writing a Review.
She was a positive for me also, against a backdrop of negatives but I was not then a member here.
Type_O might also be able to confirm that VIP_R shared with a pretty, inexperienced WG called Natalie at one stage – also disappeared.

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