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Author Topic: Jamie of GEA  (Read 782 times)

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Offline Budgie


Jamie is early 20s with a decent figure and ginger hair, although her profile says auburn. She has a few tats, particularly round her legs, and a few piercings. I'm sure I felt one on the back of her neck.

She's new and has only been working a few weeks so is still learning and is quite nervous but I liked this about her. She wasn't sure what to do at times and had to be guided but took instruction well and provided a good service. We started with a bit of FK before I moved her down for a BJ and I was pleasantly surprised to find she had a good technique with some nice tongue action round the head as she sucked away. Then moved on to a few positions which were OK but not earth shattering then back to OWO which ended in her swallowing the lot.

Not a bad punt and I'm sure she'll get better with experience.

I would go for her in a second if the photos were an accurate representation, but I hate tats and piercings. Where / how big are they?  Pierced nips is a pet hate. If I wanted a mouthful of metal I'd chew a spanner.

Offline Budgie

I'm the same with tats and piercings but they weren't too bad. Other than the usual tat removal for privacy I'd say the photos were accurate.

The tats round her legs were a bit like blue stockings and since she had fishnets on they just blended in. She had a couple of phrases tattooed round her body but they were fairly small. Her piercings were mainly round her navel but I'm sure she had a stud in the back of her neck which I felt as she gave me the BJ. None on the face or tongue.

Cool; thanks for the info, and the review.

Always makes me laugh when girls get some shit phrase tattooed around their body. Who the fuck do they think is going to sit down, look at it, and think, "wow, what an amazing insight". OK, it could be for their own entertainment, but then if it was it, wouldn't it be upside down so they could read it  :lol:?

Offline JazzMan

I would agree with the above.
But if you don’t like tattoos then I would skip Jamie.
Three of the new girls I’ve seen “Jamie, Ivy & Maisie” are all excellent.
All inexperienced, which is what I like. I’m not a fan of the old indie war horses.


Seen Ivy again and excellent service. Some tats as well.





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I would agree with the above.
But if you don’t like tattoos then I would skip Jamie.

Thanks Jazzman. The amount of obvious photoshopping on Jamie's photos was putting me off anyway.

Offline ickydicky

Theres a reason for the phrase too good to be true. :cry:
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Offline bensonhedges20

Do any gea girls work off the books?
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Offline ickydicky

Do any gea girls work off the books?

Only way i would see one. Agency prices to steep.
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