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Girl: Almost like the pictures, from Indian descent so slightly darker skin and complexion. Early to mid 20s.
Services: Talk, talk, talk, OWO (badly), talk talk talk, HJ - No sex!
Price: as per the website

Met her recently and thought I'd just warn anyone thinking of seeing her:

Won't bore you with details but summarise the experience.  Called up to make an appointment, receptionist very helpful and suggested Coco or Amber - thought Amber looked good so agreed to meet later that day.  Location was a serviced appartment near Green Park - conceirge knows whats going on and gives you a knowing smile and asks if you had a good time when you leave (doesn't bother me, but might be an issue for others).  Get in her room and she is very warm and friendly but wants to chat first - and boy does she chat!  I think I know more about her future plans than my own.  Anyway start to kiss her to get things moving and she is responsive but super lazy - just lays there expecting you to do everything.  So thought I'd do my best to please her and she thanked me, then just wanted cuddles!  WTF.  So insist that she spend a little time on me, she starts OWO for about 2 minutes and it's not that great - so bad that I end up going soft.  She stops then cuddles up... I told her to pay a little more attention and she does.  Then she says there isn't much time left (25 minutes according to her phone time).  Ended up getting a HJ then I took a shower and left.

She's probably very inexperienced due to age, but certainly not worth the money.

I met Amber once last year and I agree with all you said.


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Went to see another Amber this time at Bijoux , was expecting a white girl and shocked to see an Indian girl walking in, i suspect this is the same girl as in hamiltons. . Absolulety no resemblance to the photos and I walked out.

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I've seen Amber at Hamiltons, just noticed your review on her today and I completely agree with you. After booking her following a recommendation from Hamiltons, I was left completely disappointed and underwhelmed.

Agree that she sure likes to talk a lot and cuddle up during the meeting. In fact, after I had showered and got ready, she initiated some light kissing, then to OWO but I found it odd that she decided to keep her lingerie on throughout the entire meeting.

She seemed to have very little initiative to engage in sex, insisting that she was quite cold, playing on cuddles, kisses and more chat. An underwhelming experience from a time waster and I am convinced that she's in this game purely to conveniently pocket £250 p/h (or more from the poor gentleman who decides on a longer booking with her) and get by through offering the very minimum of services in return.

By far, one of the most underwhelming GFE experiences I have experienced, well if you can even classify GFE as kisses, cuddles and general talk.

Save yourself from an absolute dire experience and avoid this lady.

Hi guys

Is this the amber in question?? Or it it a completly different amber??

As I do have a booking with this amber and would love to dodge a bullet if I can

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Hi guys

Is this the amber in question?? Or it it a completly different amber??

As I do have a booking with this amber and would love to dodge a bullet if I can

Quite certain it is the same Amber. The link on that site leads to Hamilton's website.

Though, why book her through that site at £250 per hour? Why not book her through AW for £220 an hour?  - or
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Yes definitely the same lady but with new enhanced tits. Save your money and book someone else!!