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Author Topic: HOTDanniNYMPHO of Newcastle  (Read 1369 times)

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Offline AdoreAss


Randomly saw her profile yesterday, 2 tiny photos but one caught my attention anyway, quite a bit of feedback from 2012 and some webcam feedback since.

I thought why not, dropped her a text and 30 minutes later I was at her door.

Quiet semi, lots of parking.

I was almost empty due to the day I had and was only there for a dance and to unload all over her hopefully superb boobs.

I was greeted by her, I'm tall but her in heels, wow! She led me upstairs, what a view, she's got awesome legs, gorgeous bum.

Into the room and paperwork out of the way, I sat on the bed, music on and she gave me a dance, while she was grinding on me I unfastened her bra and popped her gorgeous tits out, she promptly turned to face me so I could suck them.

I'm an arse man but wow!

She unfastened me and gave me a titwank on her knees, what a site!

Then I told her I wanted to lick her arsehole, I expected her to get on the bed but instead she stood, bent forward and grabbed her ankles!

What a view! I dropped to my knees and rimmed her, time was running out and she asked me where I wanted to cum, over those tits seemed the obvious choice.

She lay on the floor and pushed them together, after the day I had I was lucky I didn't jizz dust but I managed some all over her tanned tits.

I'll be going back just to see how wild she is when she fucks.

1 review(s) found for Sammyxo linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Looking4fun

She looks great but seeing as she doesn't have penetration on her likes list & the rest sounds a bit fluffy don't think I'll ever see her
Great first review/post though

Offline Mansell

No sex and £ 75 for 30 mins, No Chance  :thumbsdown:

Offline Darlobloke

One post one review. Tout? Or am I just cynical......

Offline Looking4fun

One post one review. Tout? Or am I just cynical......
I'm sceptical seeing as I messaged her the other day,she read it but didn't reply when I asked about her services

I just text her now and said £60 30min but your right no mention of penetration :dash: Fuck it am gunna ask her now before I blow cash on a "lap dance"

I went to see her in Saturday night for a 15 min booking. It's certainly more than a dance for those that are wondering! I was there a lot longer than 15 mins too.
Anyway she starts the dance, takes off her silk gown to reveal a cracking body. Lovely arse. Grinding away on me then she drops to her knees and puts her lips over my dick through my jeans. Strips completely and spreads legs to show how wet she is.
A bit more grinding then drops to her knees again and unbuttons my jeans, lobs my cock out and straight away starts giving OWO.
Told me to take jeans & boxers off and she puts condom on me and climbs on top and rode me for a while, then she lay on her back and i fucked her in that position until I shot my load.

Paid £35 as it was a valentines special offer, usually £45

Same here mate i took the.plunge on saturday but a paid £60 for 30mins. Bloody car satnav took me on a mission lol! I got exactly the same but french kissing was on hand for me :) yeah shes got a crackin body. Seems to like laughing alot if you know what a mean.Any way she told me shes only here for another week so get in there lads before shes gone

Offline Looking4fun

It's funny how we commented about her not having sex now she has a full like list,
Thinking someone's watching this review haha

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