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Author Topic: North East - Francesca of Amour  (Read 680 times)

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This lady had been recommended to me and homework was done on this site. Excellent reviews from everyone previously and Francesca certainly fitted the bill as far as I was concerned in appearance and services on offer. Contact was initially made through another site and with a meeting arranged a week in advance she then teased me all week with some of her media postings and correspondence, very naughty of her.

Having arranged the meet in advance it was still confirmed early on the day of the meet with Amour and the address was received by me at that point.,

Personality: Friendly, confident & outgoing, certainly not shy, quite adventurous and extremely enthusiastic throughout.

Appearance: Very attractive blonde, Brown eyes, Dress size 12-14, Breast size about 34D, Height about 5ft 6"

Services: DFK, Oral (owo) & Reverse, Sex (protected), Rimming, Massage & Hand Relief

I had read Francesca's reviews and the actual meet lived up to everything I had hoped for, although having to wait a week had only intensified my anticipation. Location found, I arrived bang on time at Francesca's home to find an absolute corker of a lady ready to greet me, physically I had no complaints with her. I had left the choice of attire on the evening to Francesca although she had a rough idea what my preferences might be having corresponded about her media postings. There she was though, a vivacious smiling, near 6ft blonde, dressed in a pvc (might have been leather) top, short black skirt with stockings, suspenders and knee length heeled boots. She certainly had my attention and after some intense kissing just behind the closed front door, she took me by the hand and led me into bedroom and politely took my jacket to hang up. First impressions were, I was going to very much enjoy this meet.

Began with more passionate kissing, and two pairs of hands very quickly exploring the others body, but with two people rapidly trying to get my kit off as fast as we could. Bloody idiot that I am had put on lace shoes instead of slip on's so a slight delay as they had to be taken off. The exploring of Francesca's body had already revealed that the naughty lady was naked under that short skirt and she had in turn already aroused my manhood. With me standing naked she introduced herself to my lower regions, sank to her knees and commenced a slow hand and mouth massage of penis, the hand then disappeared and she showed what a true exponent she is as she continued the blow job using mouth and tongue only, devouring every last bit of me at times. Restraint was needed as she cast me the occasional glance with a joyous look in her eye and some sounds of satisfaction as she took me. She broke for air and returning to her feet we popped open the front of her top to reveal a lovely pair of ample breasts that I just had to sample, massaging them with lips, tongue and hands so that both nipples stood proud, a real delight.

Skirt removed, Francesca lay across the bed as I knelt at it's side and she willingly opened her legs to me to investigate her more private regions. A little rimming gave way to my going down on her and judging by her reaction, the utterances and shudders followed by her on occasions sitting bolt upright I must have been hitting one or two sensual points down there. I was in my element, delighted in the belief I was giving her so much pleasure with a combination of mouth tongue and fingers. Onto the bed now she took me once more into her mouth as I continued my assault on that most responsive pussy as we both enjoyed a little more of each other.

I couldn't resist any longer and just had to get inside her, and how considerate Francesca is with a range of differing condom sizes, the mistress chooses appropriately. Laid on my back, she rolled on the protection and immediately astride of me lowered herself onto me, a magnificent view as she now rode me, bouncing up and down with me staring up at her gorgeous face and boobs as we pleasured each other. A slight change of footing for her and the ride continued to a point where I was ready to flip her onto her back and go on top. Instead though a total change and I got off the bed, pulled her to the edge and from a standing position took her again, no complaints from the young lady.As the action intensified it was her legs pressed hard up against her shoulders as she lay on her back with me almost pile driving myself into her, no complaints from Francesca quite the opposite in fact.

I pulled out, dispensed with the condom, and Francesca assumed a sitting position, mouth open eyes looking up at me almost pleading for her inevitable reward from our endeavours with her telling me that she was thirsty and needed something to swallow. A fabulous finish to our meet. We dressed, chatted a little, would have preferred it to have been longer but I needed now to be away so a farewell kiss at the door and a promise that we would do even better in round two, a meeting that I'm already planning.

The previous reviewers were accurate and Francesca was an absolute delight to be with, inventive and enthusiastic in all that we did and so very attractive as well. For me, another gem unearthed and an amazing and unforgettable meet.

Great review....for me Francesca was my best discovery of 2015.
She has a fantastic attitude and you're guaranteed to leave with a smile on your face.

Excellent review. Francesca is the best I've ever seen. Shes goes the extra mile every time and a genuinely lovely lady as well.

Offline johnny34

Great review thanks  :thumbsup:  Francesca always seems to put 100% into every booking, looking forward to seeing her.

Offline Houdini

Excellent review. She is definitely one of the best in the NE.

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