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Author Topic: Perth area  (Read 658 times)

Any recommendations in the Perth area?

Offline auldie63

I hear St. Johnstone is playing well the noo.

The swimming pool has got some great chutes.

Offline Vic1988

The Asda does a no bad fry up for breakfast.
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Well the A9 northbound is a hellish road but the scenery is beautiful and it is the only realistic gateway to the Highlands from the east coast.

 GUYS! You're not taking Harryhigh seriously!
Perth. Yes. Well. It's in the running for UK City of Culture 2020, only other Scottish toon in contention bring Paisley. (Cue, Auldie...ta da)
Reminds me of Dundee Tourist Board's new strap line 'Dinna laugh until ye've seen Kirkcaldy...'
Hope you find this helpful, Harrykiri.

The Asda does a no bad fry up for breakfast.

Oh FFS! People come here, do all the research, read all the reviews, and make genuine requests for help and this is what you give them? Your response is utterly shameful, not to say misleading and downright unhelpful.  Everyone knows Asda's caff is shit. Morrisons is the place for breakfast  :D

Offline Declan_C

okay everybody else seems to be unhelpful on here,,
why bother asking for help when you get childish replies like all the ones above.

Only person who I have seen from the Perth area is Carrie when she was on tour in Glasgow and it was an enjoyable time

Hope it helps .


Offline stu4372

Perth is shite, Drive 15 mins to Dundee and go see Vic Kardashian. Make sure your balls are empty before you go as shell fuck the socks of you

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