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Author Topic: polish/Romanians  (Read 624 times)

Am I right to believe that lots of Romanian girls advertise that they are  polish but really they are romanian?this is my feeling from the way they reply etc....

“Romanians “will say they are whatever nationality, they think they can get away with
 & if it suits their needs/purpose at that time etc.

Offline RedKettle

there are an awful lot of genuine Polish girls and many of them are very good

Offline capemall

No idea why girls do that. Alessia from AW in Edmonton done the same thing!

Offline LL

Most likely they are using a recycled AW profile, previously verified for another member and then sold on to another girl when the original girl quits / takes a break.

Offline oring123

New aw profiles lists as romain and they cant change it
only last 6 months .
Banning reason: Previously banned (306)

Offline Jimmyredcab

No idea why girls do that.

Simple answer, Romanians have got a stinking reputation, Segei probably reads this forum.  :hi:

I wanted to meet a few girls who advertised as polish,(I really like polish girls,I love the service and their looks),but then when we exchanged texts they became so rude,I text them:you not polish you Romanian,most of them didn't text back anything, one of them(who's actually reported to be Romanian)started to argue back and forth to tell me that she is polish,sad.

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