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Author Topic: kit or kat  (Read 1177 times)

I think I will pass for ever !!!

Offline Looking4fun

It's got to be Kat that's were she works mostly & kit apparently is local to Newcastle area

Offline Seahorse

Kat's the one who's more into it - does the most in their porn shoots and escorts fully.  Kit mainly goes "ooh" and "aah" in the videos and only dabbles in the escorting.  Kit's currently retired, looking after 2 of her kids.

Kat tours in Newcastle occasionally, confusingly using the same premises in Shiremoor that her sister used to.

They both have the same squeaky, twee mackem accents, too ... but if you've watched the sunbed vid, you'll notice that Kat has now tried her hand at mastering "manchest-oh".  Their voices are enough to put anyone off.

It doesn't look like either will be working soon ... no loss in my experience
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Offline baresi

people need to realise that they are not full shillings, lots of stories of them shitting and pissing themselves in Sunderland pubs and making spectacles of themselves.

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