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Author Topic: megan_love - Plymouth  (Read 733 times)

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Offline Leveve


I wanted to try a Romanian for their striking looks but was always wary of the usual crap reputation on service, smileless death stares in the profile pics and Sergei’s involvement. The other good review of this wg on ukp made her sound decent and anal in her likes list edged her above Jbjolie in my hotlist.


Not great. Initial phone call went ok despite having to get her to repeat herself a few times due to the thick accent. Her English was good though and we agreed a time, services available to me and I got a postcode.
The postcode took me to a public building at the end of her street. I rang 10 mins before the scheduled appointment start as agreed to get the house number but no answer. 45 mins of waiting and several unanswered calls and texts later and I eventually got a reply just as I was about to leave and sort out a plan B. I only stayed that long because she seemed so professional in the first conversation and I really wanted to see her.
She told me she genuinely forgot about me, but maybe another punter came along first and took part of my timeslot. Anyway obviously I did not really appreciate this.


Very good. Permit parking on street but free parking to all in a public building car park at end of road.
Very anonymous terraced house and she let me in as soon as I knocked.
Clean, tidy, sparsely furnished interior. Big futon style bed and candles – very nice.


For me very sexy. Size 6, slim, petite, very toned, moves around like a little sex monkey :D
Slimmer than in her profile pics even and regarding the unfortunate trannyish face pics in the AW gallery I was pleased to find she is genuinely very pretty and feminine looking in real life :D. I think its obviously her but they arnt very representative face pics really - strange.

She did my favourite three: French kissing, 69ing and anal, as well as OWO and sex in several positions.
A real sweetheart personality came across but a bit eccentric and otherworldly maybe. I’m guessing shes probably more comfortable with the GFE type of booking. That said she pulled some great theatrical porno sex faces while she dildoed herself.
I will say she talked a lot, including giving a weirdly dispassionate running commentary on how much she liked or disliked everything I was doing to her.


£120ph for a bit of a looker with a willing attitude and FK, OWO and anal is good VFM to me. :thumbsup:
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4 review(s) found for megan_love linked to in above post (4 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline JimmySW

Promoted further up the hot list then!  :rolleyes:

Offline Andyply

 :D  superb, always been curious about this one, might not  have stayed if she made me wait though, glad you had a good time.   :thumbsup:  ow old would you guesstimate? 
moves around like a little sex monkey :D
   :D :D
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Offline Leveve

Cheers, was a good punt.
She said she was 28 and that looked about right. Definitely looks after her body well
 and she was a bit full of nervous energy and moved her arms and legs around quite a bit - hence sex monkey  :D
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Offline JimmySW

Had my eye on her for a while and now booked for the beginning of next week - Report to follow!   :cool:

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