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Author Topic: Here is what id like to do - comments please - if you want  (Read 1091 times)

Offline Tallboy2

I want to take amazing Victoria out to a pub or restaurant buy her dinner and let her kiss me and be all over me like she does at her place - you know what I mean if you've seen her , get all the blokes looking and thinking that I'm a dirty but lucky bastard - they would be so jealous. I then want to walk her home with lots more you know what, and inside her apartment for desert- it would be nice then to do an overnighter, just imagine waking up with her next to you? I don't think my funds extend that far though.

Online mrfishyfoo

Well I have to say that sounds like a cracking plan to me :hi:.

OMFG can that girl kiss  :lol:.

As for not having enough funds well sometimes you just have to tell a girl what's on your mind and what funds you have and see what response you get  :thumbsup:.

Good luck fella. :drinks:

Not beyond the realms of reality, what ever floats your boat, punting is about pleasing you.
Maybe do it as a half time break on a longer punt while the weapon reloads !

just seen her special offer! it'd be rude not to take advantage of surely  :drinks:

sounds like she's got you hooked mate


Offline Tallboy2

sounds like she's got you hooked mate

Ha ha I'm in control of my actions.  I just want to soak myself in her passion in different circumstances. Then I'll move on and search for another turn on.

I have to admit she looks really tempting (especially after watching her AW vid) and I may have to pay her a visit this coming week.  After briefly having a chat with her I'm not too sure of the location.  Is it safe  :scare: and where would I park my car!

Offline Tallboy2

She says there is a pay and display next to her pad. I went the wrong way - up her street away from her pad and you pass a private car park on the left forget that and take small turn on the right and its free parking in the street. Quite safe I think

Offline BP96

Has she got an exhibitionist streak? Some girls may not be cool with that type of behaviour in public.

Offline BB43

True mates will already know you are awesome but they wouldn't if you felt the need to live out this scenario. For years they would say do you remember when he paid that wore to pretend to be his bird what a dick
Banning reason: Troll

Offline Tallboy2

Not in front of my mates! No chance   

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