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Author Topic: Bustynaturalselina - Selby  (Read 983 times)

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Offline Tallboy2


Desperate for a punt after being let down by CassidyHot I thought I'd give this one a try for 30 mins only as I wasn't sure enough to gamble an hours money

30 mins - £65...................................45 mins £100

Messaged via text which is on her AW profile and initially comms were slow - I think give it up boy for today its just not going to happen. Then I get the message shes free after 4 pm - suits me

Ask if she kisses - no
profile is listed as Oral not OWO

I'm not overly happy with it but book her anyway

parking is in an estate very quiet and free and safe

last minute call to her and she guides me to a house - door opens and an older than the listed 35 YO opens the door - B&S ??
No - my sisters upstairs  - so up I go

Not too tall  size 12  I guess  she's fairly pretty with a round face and nice smile - eyes let her down - I love big eyes and she doesn't have them - blonde hair and a lovely Yorkshire accent
To make up for lack of eyes are her humungous tits - LOVELY - cute little arse

Asked if I want 30 mins or an hour I melt and go for 45 mins for £100 - im such a weak sucker
I ask for a shower then join her and she tells me we are starting with a massage
she is soon massaging me with her tits on my back.
when she asks me to turn over - I'm over like a shot she rubs those delightful boobies up and down my body and allows them to rest in my face. These are really nice boobs with lovely nips that I loved sucking

Guess what - she starts French kissing me  - im thinking what the fuck?! nice kissing as well

I turn her over and explore her bod stopping again at her succulent mammilons and head down to the sweet sweet pot of gold.
very wet, she is and making all the right noises as I lick and finger a very fine pussy.

over we go she pops a rubber over me cock and gave some good head

Now I cant always keep the old man alive for nerves and all that shit - so went to docs other day and got some purples - and hey presto after half a love tablet I, like a young boy again so I fucked her with her on top then doggy, then mish and then she got on top again - cowgirl I think you all call it.

You know me though off with the rubber and into a 69 with her on top and I wank myself whilst I eat her up she finishes me off and I explode then I collapse  - ha ha

Conclusion: Good overall punt, very safe, lovely lady that puts a lot of effort in - Nice relaxed atmosphere

Pros: tits are fantastic if you like them big, one of the nicest pussies ive had the pleasure to dine on - very tasty - a very cute arse
nice kisses - if she lets you have them

Cons: No OWO  - in the house at 4.34 out the house at 5.15 - she could have kissed me for longer (I love kisses if you didn't know)

Visit again? - YEAH (once I've visited PrettyKitty and amazing vic (again) and xKendallX (again) ph and a few others
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Offline Ali Katt

Was it her in the pictures. In the past she has used fake ones.

Offline Tallboy2

Was it her in the pictures. In the past she has used fake ones.
Difficult to say as there is only one picture of a pair of large tits.

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