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Author Topic: Julia Blair Street Edinburgh  (Read 515 times)

Young, slim, with a pretty face, and a slightly naughty look
About  22, around 5' 6"
Would see her again

Offline nike

This is probably the crapest review I've ever read. I don't think it even qualifies as a review. :thumbsdown:

Almost all the girls in blair st do owo,  :bomb:

At least ur consistent.

At least ur consistent.

Seriously though, he's right.  Shit review. Utterly useless.

He might as well have said "Saw woman; fucked woman; good!"

It was a while ago, and I forget the details. IMO, the only important points that I could have added was that she had a good attitude, and does all the normal stuff. 
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Makes tojosmith's reviews (which were eventually deleted) look like 'War & Peace' :thumbsdown:

At least ur consistent.

I've read your review on Shia of NTS that you posted earlier today, and there's no indication of her age, which proves that none of us are perfect.  :thumbsup:

Offline nike

age is very hard to pinpoint but I usually give an indication, omission on my part but ur reviews are not reviews at all . just like the op said, u may as well have said met woman shagged woman .was good.

I don't claim to be perfect nor that my reviews are perfect but at least they have some substance. Ok ur new but just look at the other reviews, which ones do u like, the ones which give some details i bet.

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