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Flat in Bayswater and close to Bayswater and Queensway tubes.

The website is not considered the best, but the girls I have found most certainly are. Elizabeth is no exception.

Negatives: only one which was I could taste nicotine when we kissed.

Positives: She is a young beautiful Russian in her twenties with porcelain skin and the most lovely of smiles. She greeted me as if I had been a close friend and after sorting the business, I endulged in an excellent GFE,so plenty of foreplay and medium deep kissing, which despite the slight nicotine taste was still very sensual. After exploring her gorgeous body for ages I asked her to sit on top and as she rocked away I was in heaven.I know some on this forumn don't want conversation, but for me it's important and she is an excellent person to chat to.

It's my very first review so I hope it's a suitable standard.

This one?

Was the girl you saw the girl in the picture? She's got a lovely looking figure if so. Did you pay the rates listed on the website? Were there any extras and was OWO on the menu?
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Yes it is the girl, but I think she is a bit older than 18 and her hair is now shoulder length and she even apologised for this. I did not request OWO, so I couldn't be sure if she would have agreed. She was very sweet though and towards the end just put her arm around me and lay her head on my chest until it was time to go. I saw her for 1.5hrs as advertised. And yes for me her boobs were pefect.

Can't make any sense of that site at all on my smartphone.
Incalls listed at 160 hr but where??
Methinks they need a new web designer :dash:

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Tantric Talents you are right about the site, it could possibly be the worst escort site that I have encountered. If I recall correctly, the site was actually upgraded a while ago, so you can imagine what it was like before? However on the other hand one could not accuse them of Photoshopping. I have read on other forums that the agency owner, Pat gives good advice with regard to the girls and their services. Although I have never used 00-44, I am tempted to try Annabelle, her stats and look appeal to me:

I will report back if a meet materialises.

Annabelle looks ok , if a little po faced :lol:
Have you figured out any incall locations yet?

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Not really worked out where they are based yet, but will report back if I get that far.

Hmm, it'd be nice if they posted a 'likes' list somewhere. I'm a little bit concerned about what's available. It seems that it's just a vanilla GFE, right?

Lovely girl though.

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I have used this Agency now on 5 occasions. The first three were in Chelsea Cloisters and more recently in Bayswater.The women I have seen so far have provided an excellent GFE and you can be certain the level of English will be very good.The two people I deal with are always prompt to respond to communications. Yes the price is higher, but in my experience at least I know the quality will be high. I don't get comission-honest.

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Annabelle has only been on the site about a week and there are others that are not on the website. It is true the emphasis is GFE, but it is what I look for and the standard is high.

I am separately adding a review of an 00-44 duo date that was fantastic.

I have used 00-44 from time to time for more than ten years, and I have never had a bad experience.  Some dates are always better than others, but none have been bad.  Patrick, the proprietor, is a true gent and looks after the needs of both his clients, but more importantly the women who work for him. That's probably why the dates I have had with 00-44 ladies have always been so fulfilling.

As for the website, yes there are a lot better out there.  However, I would rather trust 00-44 website, which is honest if not that forthcoming, than a site where every girl looks better than most porn stars through the art of Photoshop.

I have no financial or other interest in the agency, except that I hope it keeps going for as long as I am punting!