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Author Topic: Cant Help But Want More....Help Reccomend...  (Read 306 times)

Offline Jockey

I cant help but think our hard earned cash seems to (at times) being spunked up the wall. Litrally  :dash:

I have been to a lot of punts but sadly I cannot recall any where it seemed the girl just wanted to keep pounding. I know they call it a full GFE but it seems all they want is you too cum, talk and if your lucky they will try give you some more

They all claim that its the "time" you pay for and theres no "limit" to cum "cum as many times as you can" however if that is the case I would like to cim and after she seallows the load down for her to carry on and want to get pounded....

So having said that I do hope there is some WG's who stick to their claims and someone can reccomend one

I have even done a lot of fbsm and even the extras are usually 15 minutes to the end... I would love a body to body where she lets you have a touch and feel for the whole hour as shes naked.... Where we can choose to flip over after 15 and have the 45 forward....

I dont know if thats asking for much but lets hope one of you can reccomend a eager beaver  :scare:

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