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Author Topic: Valentina - HOD1 - London  (Read 352 times)

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Offline cleggy


I feel a bit bad making this a neutral instead of a positive. Valentina was friendly and welcoming, but I was expecting her to be stunning and basically she wasn't. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that, plus YMMV with other stuff, but I was disappointed, so it's a neutral.

Comms: Good

Location: Good

Cost: £70 for 30 minutes

Timekeeping: Fine. I went in on the dot of the arranged time and left exactly 30 minutes later, having had a shower at the end but not the beginning. There was no clock watching. I popped after about 20 minutes on the bed, and if I'd lasted longer I'm sure she'd have been up for it. Having said that, she wasn't interested in a cuddle and a chat afterwards.

Services I wanted: Massage, PM, HE. Massage was ok, no better. PM was excellent. HE was good.

Other services: FK. Not a big deal for me but I like it when it's on offer. Here it didn't seem to be. Valentina was happy to put her open mouth next to mine, but the only thing on offer was her (large) bottom lip. Other reports say differently, so maybe I put her off somehow.

Looks: My only quibble really, but it was the reason I went to see her. She's tall and has great legs and great bum. She pretty but definitely not a stunner and her lips are a wee big overdone to me. Her boobs were the big draw for me, and they were not at all what I was hoping to see. Fake and not well done. Hard, no nipples, odd shape. Just not good at all (IMHO).

So there we go. Deffo not a negative but I won't be seeing her again. Resolutions for the future, never to be broken: do not see anyone without seeing a full face, full body photo, and if 30 minutes is available, take it.
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