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Author Topic: Ashley (ashinherts) in Bishops Stortford  (Read 851 times)

Offline mh

Link to this Profile Page using https://www.adultwork.com/1040692 or https://www.adultwork.com/ashinherts

Has anyone had the pleasure?

Looks genuine enough, though I'm a little concerned about the regimented booking requirements and that it might translate into similar during the meeting. Would be keen to hear opinions or experiences.

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Offline Ali Katt

If you like her looks and prices, go for it. The booking procedure doesn't seem too strict, I've seen worse listed on AW - "I only see good looking men under 50 etc".
I've seen women under similar guideleines and its been fine, sometimes great. What I would worry about more is the extras, I think she seems expensive (not sure if that's the going rate for the area or a woman of her age and looks) and the extras make it extortionate £20 for french kiss - did she pull that figure out of a hat?

This FB as well:
Neutral    georgeholland (3)    19/09/2012 10:44    Seeking Services
     Lovely friendly girl but I just didn't float her boat and it felt a bit forced. No kissing etc. Lovely girl though.
Response:    It is true I don't do tongue/french kissing - unless it is requested as an extra. I do close-mouthed/open-mouth-but-no-tongue kissing.

Offline mh

Yes I saw that comment but I'm not fussed about kissing. It can be great and a nice addition but not something that bothers me if not offered (certainly wouldn't pay!). The general thrust of the booking requirements concerned me so I wondered if anyone had actually seen her.

Yes, I agree she's not cheap, but appears to be young and fit so perhaps that justifies the price.

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