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Author Topic: Name Tattoos  (Read 409 times)

Offline rarniw

Find it quite amusing that more then most WG's have the name of their partner/pimp tattooed somewhere on their body. This is typically on their tits, near their muff, as a tramp stamp on the lower back etc.
I assume its some sort of power thing......or it could just be so the pimp knows which WGs are his.

I understand that it takes a certain 'type' of character to get a name permanently tattooed on themselves, think about it next time your hammering a parlour girl from behind and you can see Shane's name in full glory staring back up at you......

Offline Ali Katt

From my experience it's usually their kids names. If she Shane's name I'm going to say "fuck you Shane, I'm tapping your girl" and she'll say "Shane's actually my son".

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