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Author Topic: Darlington Jodie  (Read 801 times)

Offline Darlobloke


Anyone had any experience with this one please? Found via Google. Darlo is a desperate place these days for this hobby!



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Offline Darlobloke

Thanks man, top advice. Forum 1 dodgy bird 0.

Stick to reputable lasses then eh would be the moral of this story!

Saved me a mass panic moment so thanks for that  :hi:

Not just saved you a massive panic. He's also saved you at least £50 for a lass who according to those reviews isn't the stunning looker that her profile photos would indicate.
Now where have I read that before - a UK Bait and Switch?

But it really does show the advantage of this site, and how if we share our knowledge and experiences it can save us from some right awkward situations as well as the money in our pocket. Good teamwork guys.

She's not just a bait and switch, it's a robbery set up

This is the lovely "jodie" http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1169429/Shock-Amy-rehab-mother-claims-Im-pregnant-Blakes-baby.html

Hope the link is Ok, as she is not a genuine service provider, and a complete scam artist, I'm sure anyone else who has seen her can verify

- Just want to add how I found out the above - she originally advertised on vivastreet under her real name
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