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Author Topic: Vicky sexy babe- Golders green  (Read 2471 times)

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Offline punter6969


Went to see this lady a few days back after reading her good reviews before xmas. Location is good,  flat nice and clean. Maid let me in and im 99% sure its the maid answering the phones/txts so dont let that response put you off this girl.

When she walked in slightly diff to pics but in a better way, cheeky smile and a sxy gap in her teeth. Slightly shorter then the pics suggest.

Straight in to dfk and mutual touching, stripped her of her underwear and she did mine. Stunning body. Very natural qnd a very natural looking face if that makes sense. On to bed where dfk continued and my hands no wondering all over including fingers in her pussy. Owo was deep and sensual, very nice indeed. On with the condom and she mounted me in cowgirl. Not particularly tight but nice. Felt i was going to pop so asked for cim she smiled and said your naughty. Sucking sucking and then i came hard, a full weeks worth now i was expecting the usual keep sucking til its all out smile and then exit to bathroom to do what she gott do. Nope she swallowed the whole lot and then looked up smiled and carried on sucking to suck out the remaining which she also swallowed. A very naughty few mins and a first time for me. I very much get the feeling that this sevice really is at discretion and depends on you and how the session is going.

Small talk between rounds, she is a keen cyclist and has a body to reflect. Very tight and trim and quite honestly a very very pretty girl to look at. She knows she is in demand and told me her diary is reflecting this but she will be off soon although may be back in a few weeks. Apparently there is a demand in london for hungarian girls!! So all her visitors keep telling her.

Round 2 was similiar but ended up cuming in her in doggy. She can take a serious pounding and at one point i was questioning whether i was adequate enough for her!! Quite submissive too.

With a bit of make up, a LV bag and if she really wanted to she could be earning £300ph in central london. She really is that good.but i get the feeling she dont know how good ahe is and can be herself.  I am a keen oriental fancier but with market conditions what they are and a couple of bad european punts in the last couple of months she really was a breath of fresh air for me and my best european punt to date.

See her while you can. You will not be dissapointed.

Thank you Hungarian Girl...

How far is her place from Golders Green station and what direction?

26 review(s) found for VICKY SEXY BABE linked to in above post (24 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative)

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