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Author Topic: LadyMarmaladeParties  (Read 2219 times)

This has made me curious, as i have no idea what you lot are talking about lol. All i do know is that i love LMP, having been i'd say probably 5 or 6 times and have never had a bad time. Sorry to hear things didn't work out for you Sarah, not sure i ever had the pleasure of meeting you. God help the culprit(s) who are caught with those fake 20s. I wouldn't want to be on Dwayne's bad side.

Offline PuntingPete

Had my second visit to LMP this week, had a great time. All 7 girls were fit and enthusiastic. Will return when I am able.

Funny thing happened when I left, I searched for my train ticket & after turning out my bag & pockets on a wheely bin I resigned myself to the fact that I had lost it & would have to buy another.

On my way back to Paddington, half a mile from the venue, I glanced down & saw what looked like a train ticket lying face down on the pavement. I bent down and lo & behold it was my ticket which I had dropped about 3 hours earlier.  :music:

Anyone who likes  parties & hasn't been must give LMP a go.

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