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Author Topic: I'm looking for an Asian girl tonight  (Read 908 times)

I'm looking for an Asian girl tonight for tommarow night  :P

So after just searching AW for asian girls in Leeds and coming up empty I was wondering if anyone has any recommendation on an Asian lass I can see. I know a few are advertising on vivia but I tend to stay away from that site for obvious reasons.
Criteria - size 10 or below, money is no issues if the service is good, no older than 30
Services - GFE including  fk, not really bothered about cim or PSE ex

Leena sweet?  quite pricey when compared to what's available at £150


Her pics also look a lot like Serina of Playmates, not sure if it's the same girl but would be available for £130 if you went through playmates.  There's a recent review on here too.

3 review(s) found for Leena_Sweet linked to in above post (2 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline costa

I'd agree looks similar ; tell tale signs for me with 2 profiles are the underwear and same pink set .

Hmm.. cheers fellas. Im gonna be heading up north this weekend so will probably see one of the Asian lasses in Manchester as leeds is really slim picking for Asians, also especially now that iv noticed a certain lass I had a great time with a few weeks ago is back in leeds

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