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Author Topic: Faye - Asian Options (aka Lauren)  (Read 505 times)

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Also on the other Thai/Asian sites 007escorts.co.uk, asianselection.com etc... as Lauren

1 hour

Booking and Comms
Booked via text message... very easily sorted out with a couple of texts

Flat very close to Baker Street station. Its on the 3rd floor and there is no lift so be prepared for a hike up some steep and narrow stairs!
Flat itself is very small and compact

As per the photos plus 10 years (at least). Nice body though, as usual with these thai girls, she has the complexion of someone who baths in milk and honey every night.
Pussy was shaved, although a little stubble was present

This is where it goes downhill
She clearly isn't/wasn't into it. I got what has been referred to elsewhere as a matronly scrub down in the shower and was handed some mouth wash to use. Not sure why the mouth wash was offered as she doesn't really kiss.
OWO was given along with plenty of wet wipes used during the process. RO was accepted
Conversation was nil, eye contact was completely absent and she seemed determined to get it over with. I decided to oblige and popped early
She followed up with a massage, to be fair she did make an effort at getting me hard again but I'd lost all interest again.
After another quick shower I was out with 15 minutes still left on the clock.

Overall a fairly disappointing and depressing encounter

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