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Author Topic: Lily: Hot Collection: Old Brompton Road, Earls Court  (Read 1034 times)

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Had a hugely average day chaps.

Was in Kensington and decided to go to http://www.wellbeing-spa.co.uk following an enthusiastic post on here to relieve some stress after a vigorous workout yesterday. My cock was anticipating an oily threesome followed by multiple spurting over a couple of hotties, my brain said calm the fuck down and hopefully you will get a good massage. I got a very good one hour sports massage for £60 from a quite pretty Polish girl with a bad complexion and dark roots called Eva who was alone in the shop around noon.

There was no sign of a reach around or offer to remove her clothes, even after my unsubtle hint that she shouldn't get her dress greasy or provide any form of relief apart from muscle tension. She did get on the bed for added power and there is a bit of body contact because the room was tiny but I didn't fancy her enough to ask for extras. Saw a dark haired MILF on the way out who had a glint in her eye mind....

Anyway after the invigorating massage and lack of any naughty action I was horny as fuck so made a quick call to my go to agency to see if anyone gorgeous was available in the vicinity.

As luck would have it http://www.hot-collection.co.uk/escort/lily was, having flown in yesterday from Moscow, I looked at the photos and thought she'll do for me. In arrived, parked round the corner and paid for 90 minutes parking, in sweet anticipation.

By 2pm when I arrived at a well know working apartment in Old Brompton Road, we met and I handed over my £250 for an hour I was apparently her second ever London client, they don't mess about do they?

She was indeed fucking gorgeous, early 20s, model like gorgeous, really. Size 8, long legs, big firm tits, great arse, a couple of subtle tattoos including a circular arrangement on her belly button with Asian features reflecting her mother's Kazakhstan roots, cheekbones sharper than a Savile Row suit, soft, pouty natural lips. She was wearing a very nice bra & knicker set, hold ups and high heels making her just under 6 feet tall, heels off, I reckon 5 feet 9 inches.

We had a quick drink and some idle chit chat as I demonstrated my Russian vocabulary, all dozen or so words, groped on the sofa and retired to the bedroom where I undressed her fully, thinking this going to be fucking awesome old son. I was wrong....

Naked bar the hold ups she looked even better, her full, firm tits had been invisibly enhanced with insertion via the nipples I think because there was slightly lighter colouration around her aureolas, pussy cleanly shaved, arse peachy and soft skin lightly tanned.

We kissed, French, not too deep, she got my cock out, gave me a pretty good blow job, wet, sloppy, again not too deep, 69'd for a while, fresh, tasty, then she covered me up and I fucked her in cowgirl, holding her by the waist, grabbing her by the arse, sucking her tits, watching her bouncing from behind in the mirror and after 20 minutes deposited my first load into the condom while deep inside her tight pussy.

I excused myself to disposed of the rubber and wash around cock'n'balls and returned to find her with her knickers on resplendent on the bed, I joined her, removed said undergarment, fingered her, kissed her and guided her hand to my now throbbing cock, yes, she really does look that hot and I was ready for round two.

She asked me if I wanted to tip her for the second sex. I explained patiently that at fucking £250 an hour I had more than paid for her time and was entitled to cum as many times as I was able and thats how it works in London. She told me that in Los Angeles & New York, her only other paid engagements [she is allegedly funding her education], she charges $500 to $600 and the clients cum once for the price and pay a tip for any more. I reiterated the rules here and suggested she be careful with her demands because other punters may not be as understanding or charming as me.

My hard on was maintained and I thrust her heads down for a vigorous blow job with ball licking that went on for about 25 minutes with no let up until I asked her to kneel by the mirror to finish me off, she went at it like a champion and when I was ready I asked her to lie on the edge of the bed, spread her legs and wrap them around mine allowing me stand and blow my load over her body from waist to face.

The sight of her covered in my spunk is why this review gets a neutral, she looked fucking magnificent spattered in jizz, magnificent.

Without the finale this would have been a negative review, ridiculous pricing for a punt that was more vanilla than a Five Guys milkshake but that banging body in its final pose will live with me for a long time and has me sporting a semi writing this.

The moral of this story, don't expect miracles, never see a girl with no reviews unless she comes very highly recommended by someone you trust  and research properly.

I was nearly home when the text came through telling me my 90 minute parking session was about to end, I swore under my breath.

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