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Author Topic: petite beauty, near Euston  (Read 2903 times)

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I saw Sky a couple of times last year, have finally remembered to write a review.   :dash:


She is a mid-20s Polish girl.  She has an averagely attractive face and an absolutely cracking body.  The first time I saw her was for 30 minutes, and she took control of the booking in quite a sexy way, sucking me then riding me to a very satisfying orgasm. The second time was for an hour, I told her that I wanted a very slow tease with just one pop and she absolutely delivered. We spent an hour just caressing each other, with gentle slow, prolonged oral both ways... this approach was obviously to her liking as I remember her getting very wet.  Kissing started off light but got deeper as she got hornier.

She is friendly, speaks good English and pleasant to chat to as well, all in all a very good sensual vanilla GFE.

I've not been back since as I've been into far kinkier stuff of late, but if I ever return from the dark side (ha!) I would.

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18 review(s) found for Blonde sky linked to in above post (15 positive, 3 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Bratpack

It would appear her hourly rate has come down to £100. Special offer. Limited time only. Etc.

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