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Author Topic: Looks tempting  (Read 522 times)

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 Looks tempting anybody has the pleasure www.adultwork.com/3018297

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There's 3 reviews linked to your post.

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I've reviewed her + on here.  Just be aware shes quite quick, moves fast, needs gentle reminders to keep going.  I think with newbies she likes to try to finish quickly so make sure you get your full 30mins or 1hrs worth.  I mentioned this when I phoned her maid after reading an AW review. My first visit was 40-45 mins but I knew this and had to leave early anyway, if you let a WG finish early then invariably she will.  I've seen her twice and shes been fantastic for me especially the 2nd time when I went over by 10 mins. Owo without any fuss, RO and fingering unlimited for me, sex in miss, cowgirl, doggy, very willing and keen to follow requests (giggles a lot) nice and tight, a tiny Thai lady, pretty cute, a good shag, took a good pounding in doggy especially. She speaks hardly any English (almost none) so its her maid who answers the phone. I love attractive Thai ladies so may be biased but I got all that was promised BUT had to check on the phone second time around regarding receiving my  full time which others may see as too big of a negative. I couldn't see her the last time she was down but wanted to.
You won't go over time so enjoy her while you can if you go.  :hi:
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I have never tried an oriental WG, part of me is worried about pulling the knickers down and seeing a 6 inch cock pop out.

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You'd be lucky seeing 6 inches  :D

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