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Author Topic: Bangkok Thai Spa East Finchley  (Read 3455 times)

Offline Rupert

Saw this place as I went pass on the bus, made me curious as you cant see in as there is a private looking door but big sign above it. Called them up and asked about prices and was quoted the same as Sala Thai for those that know. I asked about extras as the girl was giggling and I though ill take a risk and she said you need to speak with lady when you are here, which from my experience means a big yes. She then went on to say we are very pretty come down but i was on my way to meet some friends so had to pass.

Anyone been here, I probably will go during the end of the week and check it out.


Offline Steve121

Visited this place a fee weeks back.

Nice rooms with the standard candles and lemon grass smells. 

Can't remember the name of the lady that I saw. But she was young, pretty Thai girl.  Approx late 20s early thirty.

Massage was decent but I usually prefer a deep tissue massage.

Received topless hj for £40 extra. A bit too expensive.

Not too far from me but not as good as sala thai.


Offline andist

May is now called Jessica and she offers b2b / fs when sge gets to know you better

Online Ozy84

May is now called Jessica and she offers b2b / fs when sge gets to know you better

Thanks for the update

Offline andist

It's her last week working there.

Offline TheWave

The plot thickens. First we find out that Champagne is actually Gift from Sala Thai, and now May, the little princess, has rebranded herself as Jessica and offers FS??!! If that really is the case then go quickly, and form an orderly queue!

Offline andist

I don't know about May but Champage was also Sonia at Baan Thai Strawberry Hills

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