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Author Topic: Teesside Agencies  (Read 490 times)

Apart from Gracies Girls are there any other agencies that do incalls in Teesside? I'm sick of searching AW to find nearly 50% Romanians and most of the others don't really appeal at all. There's3 or 4 girls on AW that I would see but that's it. Must be more out there

Amour had Neiv working Teesside she's an ex dolly bird girl from years ago 6 ft thin and fit but las week couldn't see her on there web site

Welcome to the WILDERNESS that is Teesside and South Durham.

Have spoken to a number of ladies in the last few months who have indicated that they will build a visit to the area into their diaries as they work independently, but without much success so far. So the odd Agency girl is really the only attraction in the area apart from two or three ladies who have been well reviewed on here, but may not be to everyone's liking. Unless you chose to go down the EE route which has its pitfalls and are well documented on this site.

Can understand the Agencies concentrating on the Tyneside area just through the density of the population, but there must be a killing to be made in this area. But I notice as soon as an Agency does begin to work in the Teesside area their rates are at the top end of the market as they must obviously feel that they are doing the guys down here a great service. As a result I've learned to turn my car north where there is a much wider choice for me of ladies and services provided and the cost of my travel is compensated by an often more competitive rate and of course the services being provided.

Can remember when Diamonds had an apartment in Darlington that was probably the busiest single apartment in the whole of the North East. Maybe someone will a good memory might remember why it closed? Sadly missed in this region these days.

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