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Author Topic: A Guide to Punting in Germany  (Read 4932 times)

A Guide to Punting in Germany

Basics – Getting there and getting around.

Book in advance with (for example) Squeezyjet and the trip there can be quite cheap. However (and this applies especially to eastern Germany), winters can be bitterly cold and daylight hours extremely short. November to March can be dodgy.

Hotels are often reasonably priced – for info/bookings try hrs.de (site has details in English, too).

There is no German equivalent to National Express, so if you don’t have your own transport it’s the train. As in the UK, the earlier you book the cheaper the tickets. If, however, you limit yourself to local trains (Regional or Regional Express, NOT Inter-City, Inter-City Express or Euro-City) there’s a go-anywhere-in-one-day ticket, valid nationwide (Quer-durchs-Land ticket), and a similar ticket at weekends (“Schönes Wochenende” – “Beautiful Weekend”). In addition, many of the Länder – the provinces which make up the Federal Republic – have day tickets providing unlimited travel after 09:00 weekdays/anytime weekends in that province (e.g. Bavaria) but again limited to local trains. Further info at bahn.de – also with an English language option.

Please note – “everyone speaks English” is a dangerous myth. Staff in hotels usually do, people at Tourist Information Centres likewise, but on the streets or in shops? Maybe, maybe not. This applies especially to eastern Germany where the older generation who grew up under Communism had to learn Russian as a foreign language. That’s not to say don’t visit Leipzig, Dresden, the hilly forests of Thuringia (Thüringen) or the Baltic Coast for example (wonderful places) – but - you häff been warned!


Perfectly legal. There are bordellos, escorts, escort agencies, “Stundenhotels” (rooms by the hour), newspaper ads, websites – punting and service provision are facts of life, even if frowned upon by some.

The same warnings and caveats apply as in the UK. You can be lucky – or not. Yes, there are fakes and time-wasters. Yes, there are crap agencies and there are good ones. You pays yer money and you takes yer choice…

To start the ball rolling, here’s a national website:

http://www.hostessen-meile.com   (“Hostess Mile”)

If you don’t speak German and you’re lost already, try clicking on Callgirls, Huren (callgirls, whores) on the left. If you’re still lost after this, scroll down towards the bottom of the page and there’s a list of locations – cities and provinces – where you can start to refine your search. The place you’re going not listed? Click on andere Städte, (other towns) then when a new page opens click on Deutschland then on Stadt wählen (choose town) – and lo and behold there’s a list.

So, choose your town from the list, and short profiles will appear. Click on the profile for a full advert and, and….yup, it’s in German! Click on “service” to see what’s on offer, and that, too, is of course in German.

Anyway, I will continue this guide with an explanation of terminology soon.

To be continued….

Re: A Guide to Punting in Germany Part 2 - Punters' Dictionary (A to H)

Quite a few terms you will doubtless recognise as English terms are used -- like Girlfriendsex, Dirty Talk, Spanking, Gangbang, sandwich, squirting...., but as for the rest.....

Abgabe getragener Slips - used panties for sale
Abgabe getragener Struempfe – used stockings for sale
Alle Stellungen  - all positions
alles ohne (AO) – everything without (very rare, but beware!!!)
alles safer  - everything safe
Anal (AV) – what it says on the tin (!) 
Anal aktiv  - what it says on the tin
Anal auf Anfrage – anal on request
Anal Massage - what it says on the tin
Anal passiv – what it says on the tin
Anal safer – safer =safe
Analdehnung  - anal dilation
Analfingern bei ihr - anal fingering (her)
Analfingern bei ihn - anal fingering (him)
Analstimulation – you’re learning fast  :rolleyes:
Auf Anfrage – on request
Badespiele - games in the bath
Begleitservice  - „accompanying service“ i.e. to conferences, social occasions etc.
Behindertenbesuche – will visit diabled people
bei mir (incall)
bei dir (outcall)
Besuchbar  - visitable (i.e. incalls)
Bi Spiele – bisexual games
Bisexuell –bisexual (in case you didn’t already work this out for yourself)
Bodykuesse/küsse – body kisses
Bürobesuch – will visit client at office
Clubbegleitung  - will accompany client to a club
Dessous – underwear
Devot - submissive
devote Spiele – submissive games/role-plays
Dildospiele – Spiele = games
Dreier – threesome (MMF/FFM) male/female
Duschspiele – games in the shower 
Eier – eggs i.e. balls (bollox)
Eier abbinden – ball torture
Eierlecken (EL)  - lecken = to lick
Erziehung – „education“ – (who’s been a naughty boy, then?) 
Faustfick (FF) – “fist-f*ck”, fisting
Fingern – to finger
Fingerspiele – fingering (games)
Fisten – to fist, fisting
französisch/franzoesisch – „French“ = oral
französisch beidseitig – „French both sides“ (i.e. 69)
französisch ohne (FO) – OWO
französich total – (FT) OWO + CIM
französisch mit Schutz – covered oral
Fusserotik – Fuss= foot
Ganzkörpermassage – whole body massage
Gesichtsbesamung (GB) facial
Handentspannung  - handjob
Hausbesuch – outcall to client’s home
Hodenmassage – ball massage
Hotelbesuch – outcall to client’s hotel
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Offline Jerboa

Good info there yellow fox, as you say book a flight in advance at reasonable rates, either with Easyjet, Ryan air or other budget airlines, work out where you want to visit, do some research and buy a flight, or if there are a few of you take a car and take the ferry.

A Guide to Punting in Germany - Part 3

Punting Dictionary (Ct'd) I to Z

Intimrasur – „intimate shaving“
Intimschmuck - „intimate jewellery“
Kinobegleitung – accompanying client to cinema
Kino ohne Slip  - cinema (no panties)
Körperbesamung/Koerperbesamung – cum on body
Körperküsse – body kisses
Küssen/Kuessen  - to kiss
Küssen auf Mund – kissing with mouth
Küssen bei Symphathie – kissing if she likes you
Kuscheln – to cuddle, cuddling
Kaviar (KV) – hard sports
Lack – paint, varnish
Leder – leather
Lecken – to lick
Leckspiele – licking games
Leicht – „light/lightly“, or „slight/slightly“ for example....
Leicht devot – slightly submissive
Leicht dominant – slightly dominant
Leichte Fesselspiele – light handcuff/tying-up games
Lesbenshow – lesbian show
Lesbenspiele – lesbian games
Messebegleitung – companion to a trade exhibition
Naturbusen – natural breasts
Natursekt (NS) – (“Natural sparkling wine”) – watersports
Ölmassage – massage with oil
Paarbesuche – will visit couples
Peitsche – whip
Porno schauen – to watch porn
rasiert – shaved
Reisebegleitung – will accompany on holidays
Ringen/Ringkampf – erotic wrestling
Rollenspiele – role-play
Schmusen – to fondle
Schuherotik – shoe fetish
Sektspiele – watersports
Selbsterfriedigung – masturbation
Spanisch - („Spanish“) – tittyf*ck
Stark behaart – very hairy
Stellungswechsel – changing position
Stiefel - boots
Strapse – suspenders
Strümpfe – stockings
Teilrasiert – partly-shaved
Übernachtung – overnight
Umschnalldildo – strap-on
Verkehr – intercourse – can be genital („Geschlechtsverkehr“) (GV) or anal (AV)
Zart oder hart – soft or hard
Zungenanal (ZA) – rimming/rimjob
Zunge – tongue
Zungenanal – rimming/rimjob
Zungenkuss (ZK) – „tongue-kiss“ – French kissing

OK, that’s enough to be going on with by way of an introduction.

I’m also happy to deal with questions.

Great stuff and welcome Foxy  :drinks:

What a compliment to the Forum!

Offline Joe Blob

Welcome to UKP, YF. 

That's you and Jimmie posting on the same day, all we need now is 34a.   :scare: :scare: :scare:

Good info there yellow fox, as you say book a flight in advance at reasonable rates, either with Easyjet, Ryan air or other budget airlines, work out where you want to visit, do some research and buy a flight, or if there are a few of you take a car and take the ferry.


Even if there are a few people and you don't have a car, some of the rail ticket offers (like the Länder tickets, Schönes Wochenende etc) are valid for up to 5 people, which reduces costs considerably.

For example, the Berlin-Brandenburg ticket, covering the whole of Berlin and Land Brandenburg costs € 29 from a machine or €31 over the counter.

It's also valid to Kostrzyn and Szczecin just over the border in Poland - it can even be used as a day runabout ticket on Szczecin's buses and trams.

In addition, it's worth checking out urban transport prices - Berlin (for example) has a Kleingruppenkarte - Small Group Ticket (up to 5 people) at €15.50 for the day - valid from the time it's validated until 03:00 the following day. It can be freely used on the Underground (U-Bahn), overground (S-Bahn), buses and trams. No limits.

Welcome to UKP, YF. 

That's you and Jimmie posting on the same day, all we need now is 34a.   :scare: :scare: :scare:

Blimey, is he still around?

OK, another nationwide website and excellent resource, but to use it you have lo log in. (Don't worry, no silly questions from the Gestapo or Stasi if you do so).

(Benutzername = User name).

The advantage of this site (once you've logged in) is that there's a regional search function, and you can give ladies a rating (Bewertung) of up to 5 stars - and a field report.

This is no "punting community" as such, but it's very helpful, as someone who's a fake is likely to be flagged up as a fake within a very short time of their profile appearing online.

"Wait a minute, she appeared in Mannheim as Sexy_Nora two weeks ago, Dirty_Daniella in Hamburg last week, and now she's in Heidelberg as Samantha_69xx...same pictures each time...I suspect a joker."

Again, the site isn't foolproof -I think there's a certain amount of shilling as Wilhelmina the Block of Lifeless Wood gets loads of enthusiastic reports and 5-star Bewertungen. But you can check the profile of those doing the reporting, and if they only report once you can draw some conclusions.

Even without logging in, there are a few profiles of new members on the opening page - click on the pix. Beschreibung = Description, Dienste = Services (see dictionary above), Kundentypen (types of client, i.e. men, couples, more than one man etc), Treffpunkt (meeting-place, i.e. bei mir = at mine/incall, bei dir = at yours/outcall, Hotel, "nach Vereinbarung" - by arrangement - etc). That'll give you an idea of what you can expect from the site and how it's organised.

When logged in, there's also a search function by name, services, age, type etc plus continually updated "Erfahrungsberichte" (Field Reports). The site also tells you when someone last logged in - more useful information.

Anyway, this is the site....


(Kauf mich - "buy me")

Again, if you think "Oh my Gawd, what's she on about?" just post on here and I'll do my best to translate.



Offline Wayang

In addition ISG has extensive reports on FKK Clubs across Germany.

Offline yumyum3

Great stuff and welcome Foxy 

What a compliment to the Forum!

+1 Welcome, sir  :) :drinks:

Penthouse No 1 and Haus 7-9 on Breite Gasse in Frankfurt am Main have cheap girls, maybe it's a coincidence with them being located in a slightly more run down area coupled with the fact 90% of the girls were foreign.

20-30 euros on average, most make their money on extras so avoid if you want anything more than a vanilla fuck.

Also note the higher up you go in Penthouse the older the wg's seem to get. I do recall there being 50+ year olds on the top floor.

Offline VarysDeutschland

In addition ISG has extensive reports on FKK Clubs across Germany.

But of course not all FKK means sexual service! Be careful my friends.

Offline Crackpott

Should also point out to beware of the Romanian and Bulgarian Pimps pimping the girls out, they can be very nasty

Offline Jerboa

But of course not all FKK means sexual service! Be careful my friends.

Yes the term Fkk stands for Frei Korper Kulture = free body culture, it's actually a German nudist movement, so originally was about men and women going to nudist camps, but these days you can't mistake a Fkk saunaclub, it's a brothel! :)

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