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Author Topic: Serena - House of Divine  (Read 365 times)

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Offline gumption


Duration: £70 for 30m

Location: Victoria

Looks: Bonefide hot, petite girl with ample D cup's and a pretty and young face - absolutley does it for me, I'd say 8 for face, and 9 for body, unfortunately this is the only saving grace.

Was a bit of an odd start to the session, got the paper work done got in bed and straight away she just comes over to give me a OWO, but not in a sexy way, very matter of fact business like, she uses some wet-wipes (not that I needed it of course) and then get's straight to business, I ask her for 69 and proceed with that, and then RO and some fingering, she seemed quite passive though I think was enjoying it, or maybe not, made some positive noise but had a hand over her face the whole time which I found disconcerting, we move onto sex and oddly she goes for reverse cowgirl like she doesn't want to face me, doesn't do a bad job, but then when we moved to missionary - there was no eye contact at all and she just seemed reticent. Anyways she was super hot so I'm still enjoying it, but as soon as I cum she literally pushes me off and cleans up, ask me if I need a shower and just walks out of the room and that's the last time I see her!

I'm a courteous and polite fella and through-out she just treated me like she was disgusted, I've had experiences of girls with poor attitude but this is the only instance I've not managed to "soften" her up with a bit of charm and light humour.

So all in all, pretty girl, and I guess not bad if you just want to drop your load into some eye candy - I certainly came pretty hard - but don't think I'd be returning, shame really.

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