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Author Topic: Filipina Girls  (Read 1191 times)

Offline shaks247

Anyone know of any Filipina ladies escorting in London?

Offline CelticWarrior2

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Offline hawai5o

I am a fan as well .
 CW ,do you have an idea how do i save Vee's AW Photos on my folder so at least i am left with happy memories just in case she leaves  AW  ??..

Haven't bothered with AW Photos before . I know copy and paste whilst the profile is active but once it changes or disabled the  saved photos disappear as well. .

Offline Swf77

She looks good .   im into Filipinos as well anymore links guys?
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Offline shaks247

Vee looks good, unfortunatley shes away this week.

Only had a Filipino girl once in Hong Kong and she was a poppet.
Most of the girls I know of in London seem to be dumpy, unattractive and working as maids for the fat cats here.
Perhaps there is an an Asian agency that specialises?

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