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Author Topic: Sweet carla X Cardiff  (Read 1428 times)

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Offline nines

I been seeing Carla for some time now so decided to finally get round to doing a review. I text her for a visit on a sunday and as always she promptly replied. As of recently I noticed she's been getting a bit later with the actual meeting but this time she was ready for spot on the time I arranged. We all know the routine which is shoes off, avoid the dodgy coat hook at the door (I been tempted to ask her if I can screw it on properly for once), to her room with paperwork then shower which is always the case. Her body really is stunning and its hard to fight that boner into submission to avoid looking like a horny teenager. After a quick mutual sarcastic comment about the weather she handed me a towel.

After the shower I waited in her room for a couple of mins and she walked in with a bra and thong and started the usual pre blowjob touch up (that's one of the things I like with her as not all do that). She soon started with oral without which wasn't amazing but nobody is perfect. After a while of that she lubed up and condomed me and asked for what position I preferred and what a sight it is to see that glorious body in doggy style. She's pretty vanilla with what she offers but she let me finger the outside of her perfect, firm arsehole but sadly not slide a finger in. (If she does anal her starfish would be larger and more popular than Cardiff castle) I blown a torrent of hot sticky cum In missionary and she smiled back during the glorious orgasm which I love as her face is A+ material. She's clearly a girl who's been blessed with almost Victoria secret looks if she was a little taller. Her most recent pics are spot on accurate.

After the sex It was the usual chit chat which she struggles to understand at times but probably more due to my accent. Apparently she only relaxes when she goes back to Hungary and didn't mention anything about breeding dogs when I asked what she does. She asked me if I wanted a shower again which I always have and she always parts with a kiss at the door.

Some seem to find her a bit hit and miss and I noticed her perfomance has been a bit lacking at times myself as she seems a bit mechanical but she's always greets you with a smile and for £60 would I? Fuck yes. That's why been going to her for years.

Offline HughJardon

Hot girl big shame she's leaving. I dont think she's breeding dogs, but she's definitely in the spunk churning game, mainly the welsh variety but soon to be southwest sauce.
Good review, I need her leaving date for a final goodbye podging
https://www.adultwork.com/1869519 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sweet+Carla+x

24 review(s) found for Sweet Carla x linked to in above post (15 positive, 7 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline nines

Offline Redevil86

She told me she breeds dogs back home ? Such a shame Thay are leaving, as I've said before had some shit punts early doors , it was my punts with elite 1 Elle and Carla that kept me going as I was on the verge of jacking it in. Carla's cost me a bomb ha, she's a beautiful young woman and I can only think of her with fondness, and I do want to see Nicky but may be too late now, but others will come and go such is life and with the help of the uk p community there will always be a door to knock.

Offline nines

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