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Author Topic: Blond_Samantha89  (Read 1297 times)

16 review(s) for Blond_Samantha89 (13 positive, 3 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline samsung1

So after being stressed from work and my sack needed emptied, I fancied my chances of getting my face in that chest of hers  :wacko:

1 hour £120


Not too good tbh, I rang her 4/5 times never picked up, then got a text saying "hi just got back from shopping, i am available now" so decided to get on the blower and arrange a meet before someone else got in.

The girl

Pretty face with blue eyes, abit of a stodgy waist, tall, and agreeing with another punter that she is abit 'arse less' and massive melons which is the main reason why I seen her.

The deed

As soon as I got in, paid my dues, had a shower and onto the bed where Sam came in after chatting to her mate in the other room. Started off with a back b2b/ massage WOW. Then onto 69, she could only reach half of my shaft and was disappointed at that, she tasted slightly off, bit sour in my opinion. So decided to get the rubber on and start off in cowgirl where those massive melons were bouncing and making loud clapping noises!  :wackogirl: .

Had a brief break, started FK, then gave me a below average BJ (was not going to complain about that as I did not want to upset the atmosphere) then moved on to mish for about 10 mins. Finally offered doggy which I duly agreed, I was disapointed about her arse but put it away and concentrated on cumming as time was running out, but was distracted by the condom making chaffing noises and becoming very loose like a bag.

I decided to give up at the prospect of cumming in the condom and lay on the bed where she decided to wank me off.

I found myself taking the lead 90% of the time which I found mind numbing, I prefer a WG who is spontaneous/ adventurous and who can take the lead from time to time. Shes abit shy so we had a few silent moments, shes very strict about hygiene like it was a hospital and did not let me finger her or wank myself when I had the condom on. I kinda felt like we did not click.


Pretty face
Big melons
Did not stink of B.O.
Clean modern apartment
Friendly attitude


Small nipples (Im abit fussy I know)
No shape to arse
A bit clinical/ cynical


16 review(s) found for Blond_Samantha89 linked to in above post (13 positive, 3 neutral, 0 negative)

I said she was arseless & that she's put on a few pounds so I'm glad im not the only one who thinks that.

Sorry you had a lacklustre punt mate.  I think i also mentioned she was shy but does warm up after a meet or two but if someone isn't happy on the first appointment why would they return?!?

We are paying a lot of money to see these girls so it shouldn't really come down to 'clicking' with each other in order to get out monies worth.  A good service provider should be able to look past these things.

I was planning on seeing her before she went to Milton Keynes but I think I'll seek to dump my load elsewhere.

Co-incidently... The mate she spoke to before coming into see you was someone you are familiar with.... Arabian Layla

You gave her a  :thumbsdown: I believe

Offline sanj07

Seen sam few times she is ok for 15min quickies will not book longer as she is very quiet and does not take the lead but very pleasant girl those melons are  :kiss:

Does araybian layla work from same flat i was thinking last time i met sam that this was the same block where i had seen layla but was not sure if it was the same apartment.

Does araybian layla work from same flat i was thinking last time i met sam that this was the same block where i had seen layla but was not sure if it was the same apartment.

Yes she does

Offline samsung1

Yes she does

What on earth??? The last time I saw 'layla' she was on broad st opposite sainsbury's?   :scare:

I am guessing you booked arabian layla?

I am guessing you booked arabian layla?

No chap I haven't, I'm a nosy sod so when I was with Sam recently & heard movement in the flat i asked if Pola, who she usually works with, was there so I could say hello & she told me it was some Arab girl called Layla

Offline Eddygogo

Sounds all very strange for someone who has punted her before looking at your previous posts, someone with so much bad luck to return to the same wg so many times. The saying once bitten twice shy comes to mind.  Or is it just somebody with an axe to grind I wonder?

In all honesty the OP didn't give her a negative or say he wouldn't see her again, just that he won't book her for more than 15 min bookings.

I think it's a case of having very particular standards which he is entitled to have.

I will see her again because we do definitely 'click' & she shags me senseless each time.  It's a buyers market out there so girls need to try and have their 'A' game everytime if they want repeat custom from us.


I think Eddy was commenting on Sanj07, not the op who saw her for an hour.

Personally, I've seen Sam for a hhr and intended to review but haven't gotten around to it.

I found her quiet at first but attentive and friendly.  She did seem to get quite turned on during RO and sex as her face got a little flushed.  I found her OWO to be absolutely lovely, quite similar in feel and technique to M.I. for those that have seen her.  Soft, wet and frequently deep with lots of variety and eye contact.  One of those girls that could definitely make me come using just their mouth.

I would also agree with most of the comments on her physical appearance, a bit arseless, gorgeous massive tits.  Although she's not a fat girl yet imo, she needs to reign herself in as she has definitely set out on the path to bbw.
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I meant to say Sanj too not OP.. Sorry

I gotta say, Sam gave me an amazing service. Right up there with the best i've had. As for the 'arseless' bit, can't say i noticed that. It's all about those tits imo  :P

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