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Author Topic: Criminalisation of our fun. The Guardian: interesting article.  (Read 716 times)


Sex worker and activist Laura Lee: ‘It’s now far more difficult to stay safe’
The criminalisation of men who pay for sex in Northern Ireland was supposed to protect women – but one of the few sex workers prepared to talk publicly says it will do the opposite. As Laura Lee prepares to challenge the new law in court, she explains the trials and consolations of the oldest profession

Offline Midlane

I hope she succeeds before the nonsense inquiry currently at parliamentary committee stage in GB gathers any pace.

Offline Sonny Crockett

Hope this stupid law doesn't spread into the mainland.
Banning reason: Troll

Offline bod666

Very interesting indeed. There is no easy answer to the problem of trafficking but I fear that our politicians will take the normal route of media friendly political expediency over facts and what will actually work.

i suppose cutting off the revenue stream for traffickers by criminalising seeing escorts could work but in practice I can't see it making any difference. Going after the traffickers seems a more productive method.

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