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Author Topic: Carribean candy - Cardiff  (Read 462 times)

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Offline rsoft

Found her on vivastreet, I am not sure she's got AW profile.

Please link if you know.

Comms - she's pretty chatty on phone, really nice voice, eager to help.
Flat was on Cliffton Rd. On the pretty busy place, lots of peple, didn't really like that.

But ok, found it, went there.

First thing I noticed was stuff laying around on the stairs - by stuff I mean old armchair and shit like that.
It looked dodgy to be fair.

Ok, but went to the flat, she opened me door - she looked really attractive.
Tall, slim - but not too slim - just how I like them.
Great boobs.
Ass - could be better - I'd say standard.

Paid 150 for 1hr.
She seemed really proffessional.

Can't complain a bit for her attitued.
She could do better oral (oral is with condom) - but it was ok.

Positions - no problem with whatever you can think of.

Timewise - she doesn't cut it or anything. Really good.

The flat.
 The flat like I said - was generally ok - except stairs.

Generally it was really solid punt.
I am not going back - but I can recommend.

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