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Author Topic: Alana Amor of Halifax  (Read 1113 times)

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Offline mrfishyfoo

I saw Alana a couple of weeks ago when she was based near Halifax. She has moved now and can be found near to Rochdale

https://www.adultwork.com/3224585 or https://www.adultwork.com/Alana+Amor

For the reader I like my girls a certain way and that way is a size 8/10 dress, a toned body with a nice face and a good sized pair of ideally natural breasts. So having done my research I had found Alana.

Now Alana had proved to be an interesting catch as she only appears to work part time. I had first contacted her via email over a week before I wanted to see her and booked an “appointment” with her. Having got my slot Alana then proved to be quite chatty via whatsapp, text and email so all was looking good.  I had booked an early morning 2 hour “getting to know you meet” and got directions as to where I was heading a couple of days before.

So cometh the day cumeth the man. I gave myself plenty of time to get there and that was a good move. The satnav took me to a village in the middle of nowhere near to Halifax and there I was sat outside a good sized very respectable detached house. Parking was a breeze as I left the car on the roadside and sent the “Hi hunny I’m here text”. A rapid reply and I was in.

WOW Alana is a sight, she is the 8/10 I expected. She’s quite tall at about 5’8”, very leggy, dark haired, spray tanned glamour-puss is what she is. She has a lovely face and an arse to die for. She was dressed in a very sensible “suit type” striped mini dress and killer 5” heels. No argument from me she gets a 9 and could IMHO easily hold her own in a room full of beauties. I would have to say that she would make quite a WAG. I got a quick peck on the cheek and the offer of a drink and then it was into the front room. I had been warned, doing my research again lols, that Alana was a talker and to expect to be “interviewed” prior to any fun. Wow can she talk !!

I actually felt I was being interviewed for a role in a porn film. He !! He !! Little did I know what was to come.

Anyways I had brought a brand new box of Sagami 002 polyurethane condoms with me that I showed her. Alana was very interested in, but also very dubious of, the 002’s as she had never seen them before. I popped one out of the packet and let her have a play and told her that there was no obligation to use them but I would appreciate it if we could. I allowed the interview to carry on for about 20 minutes until she stood up and I then grabbed her.  No messing as I lifted her dress up, revealing a tiny little thong, I then bent her over and went a licking whilst fingering her pussy. I think she liked this as she ended up straddling me as she sat on my knee. She was now no longer talking but was instead now intent on snogging my face off. Not sure at what point her dress was taken off but by now I had my hands on her bra and was able to release an excellent set of large natural breasts. Umm yummy yummy I just had to lick and suck them. Wowza her nipples were erect in no time whatsoever and my god was she writhing around and grinding into me.

Time to go into the room.

As soon as we were in the room Alana dropped to her knees and got my pants and trousers around my ankles. Best way to describe what happened next was that she attacked my cock and balls with a full on assault of DTOWO with gagging, spitting and ball licking and sucking. How I did not cum in her mouth I do not know. On to the bed for Alana to sit on my face. Licky licky licky yum yum as I returned the favour and indulged in her lovely clean and very tasty pussy. I slid my thumb up her arse as she rode my face and then removed it to have a sniff as I was intent on fucking that lovely arse of hers. Lovely jubbly said my nose to me so I continued to avail myself of her arse and pussy as she came twice as she rode my face. Wowza she had warned me she was a prolific squirter but I had no clue as to how much of a squirter she is. Fuck me I was absolutely dripping with it. This did not seem to bother Alana at all as she came back in for more kissing and then the dirty minx licked my face for me. Next thing I know is that she’s got a huge double headed pink dildo in her hand and I am thinking to myself what she planning to do with that then ?? Alana then starts to fuck herself with the dildo as she tells me how she is going to absolutely fuck my brains out for me. Time for another outright assault of DTOWO on my cock and then it was fuck time. On with one of the 002’s and Alana climbed aboard in cowgirl. OMFG she rode me like a crazed tigress as she pounded my cock with a level of enthusiasm that was just mind blowing. Not satisfied with this she then climbed off and tells me she likes the 002’s as they have a “real feel” to them and then demands that I fuck her in doggy. Yes please I said and I did exactly that.

What an amazing round 1. My cock was feeling well pounded and there was still more to come.

So now I think to myself what next ?? Well what next was another toy show as the dildo and now also a pussy pump came into play. I just could not help myself so I just had to go in for another lick as that pumped pussy of hers was looking so inviting. I got on top so it was kind of a “reverse” 69 and proceeded to lick her pussy as she sucked my balls, played with my ass and wanked me off. This then progressed to me face fucking her from above as she again came and my face was again covered as she squirted her juices all over me and the bed. This time I did have to wipe my face as I was just absolutely dripping. No respite for my cock as Alana again came in for more gagging DTOWO, her deep throat is exactly that as my full-length was consumed, and then on with another 002 and it was now time for my favourite her legs under my legs reverse cowgirl. Alana told me that she has never done reverse like this and I was now teaching her a new position. What a sight as her arse bounced up and down as she rode me like her very life depended on it as she fucked me silly. After what seemed like an absolute age Alana turns round to look at me and announced she was knackered, which came as no real surprise to me as I could see the sweat that was now running down her back. Time for closed legs doggy and I took the lead and pounded her with exactly the same levels of enthusiasm as what she had pounded me.

I have to admit that I could hardly walk to the shower now that she had finished with me. So I then got showered in her very well kept and stocked bathroom, dressed myself and made my move to leave. Bless her Alana came and snogged my face off so I just had to slip a finger up her pussy as we said our goodbyes.

Well what can I say ?? A fantastic punt with a wild tigress whose boundaries I do not think I came anywhere near to. With hindsight I can't quite believe that I failed to fuck that gorgeous ass of hers. This punt has set the bar for the rest of 2016.

17 review(s) found for Alana Amor linked to in above post (16 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Moexxx

Fecking hell where has this diamond been hiding. Another one for my ever increasing H.L  :drinks:

Offline Kendrig

Absolute quality review, definitely added to my HL

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