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Author Topic: Hot_Emilyy - Lewisham  (Read 1972 times)

8 review(s) for Hot_Emilyy (3 positive, 1 neutral, 4 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline bouch

https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=1216067 or https://www.adultwork.com/Hot%5FEmilyy

Hello! First time punter, and first review as well. Booked a 1hr session for £100 in the second half of January.

Comms were good, sent a text, she asked to call her though but everything was smooth. I arranged a booking on a short notice so I couldn't have expected better.

She receives in a set of new buildings one or two blocks away from the DLR station. Finding the right building was not super easy but she guided me through the phone a bit. Perhaps not great if you're a privacy fanatical as it's a large building and there's often someone coming in/out.

The girl:
Pretty sure she is the one in the pictures, cannot confirm 100% because she now sports a tattoo on the back which is not on the pics. However if it's not her, it's someone that looks a lot like her. Body is great with natural breasts, and I think it's slimmer than it looks like from the pics. Face perhaps not overly attractive (at least not for me) but quite pretty anyway.

The experience:
As a first time punter I went for a vanilla service. We started with OWO which was quite good, then cowgirl and missionary. In between sessions we had a good chat. She's an upbeat person and has a quite chatty personality and also her English is quite good. For the second round we started with OWO again but this time I asked for the deepthroat service which she gladly provided, then doggy, cowgirl and missionary again and another blowjob/titjob to finish.
Time was almost up but I couldn't finish, even though she was visibly tired since at that point we had been fucking for a good 25 minutes non stop, she still put a lot of effort into trying to make me cum. When there were 5 minutes left I just told her to stop and not worry too much about it, given that she was sweating at that point :)

- good OWO with deepthroat, didn't use hands but alternated it with a titjob and a handjob. All in all I quite liked it, so positive for me.
- easy going and upbeat kind of person, tried to put me at ease which I definitely appreciate

- the apartment she receives in is located in a large building with hundreds of other apartments so there's always someone coming in/out which is not ideal if you're the kind of person that wants some privacy. On the other hand, because there's so many apartments, is quite likely nobody knows each other so your presence will probably going unnoticed.
- didn't ask me if I wanted to have a shower, but I had just showered before leaving my house so didn't really matter

- none

I don't have a baseline to compare the girl with and I also went with a very basic service, but I quite enjoyed the experience overall and she did do everything I asked for and definitely put some effort into it.

Would I return: yes

8 review(s) found for Hot_Emilyy linked to in above post (3 positive, 1 neutral, 4 negative)

Offline Persie

Banning reason: Stalking prossies on Facebook and threatening to out them

Online Bilbao

It's not in her likes so I'd say not. I've had her in my HL for a while - I may follow up with her - she told me her feedback is hidden due to bad comments from a stalker - but from this review seems ok and reasonable vfm esp for outcall which I am interested in

Offline Steely Dan

Welcome to UKP!  Very good first review.  (And from what you describe, sounds like a very good first punt).  Sorry for how much this hobby is going to cost you.

Online Bilbao

Question for the OP, did she dfk? If so was it a proper snog or just light tongues? Did you do any oral on her and if so did she get into it - see my avatar if you need to ask why I am interested ;-)

Offline bouch

Don't know about DFK, haven't tried/asked. Was not particularly comfortable with kissing in my first punt (I know it's a bit of a nonsense but bear with me here!). She said that if something is not on her AW list then she doesn't do it therefore CIM is most likely out of the question.

Had an unsuccessful attempt to book her some months back. The profile stated she was in central London when in-fact not the case. 
Body looks good plus I'm feeling the rear shot and pink hot pants.

Offline brolin_76

saw her last year. agree with OP's review. it was positive for me.pretty much vanilla punt. :)

for those that have seen her - where would you place her on this (very subjective) beauty scale? http://imgur.com/y2jDGzL


Offline brolin_76

for those that have seen her - where would you place her on this (very subjective) beauty scale? http://imgur.com/y2jDGzL


haha nice scale. where did you get it? anyway I shall say she is 8-8.4 police mughshot girl - Traci Rae Hubert (second girl from top) :coolgirl: :cool:

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