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Author Topic: The Feedback Says It All!  (Read 758 times)

Offline Corus Boy


Typical romanian garbage. Avoid.

Let's not mince our words or sit on the fence!  :D

1 review(s) found for Natalya88 linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Redevil86

Guys on hear know my attitude toward these thieving scum bags, ( see the negative review attached , not me ) she is basically trying to charge £ 240 an hour for no more than wanking four blokes off if she can get away with it, she offers no service or enjoyment, do as I do , don't see them , for an extra £60  odd you can get a full hour of all the things that make up a great sexual experience , toftt is great but not with these rip off scum bags, and the more you use them the more will come over and flood the market. Just like asylum seekers takeing jobs these girls will put the home grown out of buisness . We already moan about them and there service ( or lack of it ) what happens when that's all that's out there ?

Offline Corus Boy

Red, I agree with you whole heartedly.  I tried twice, got away with a Neutral both times but it was enough to put me off.

The issue is that they do make good profiles, with stunning pictures and offer a good range of services.  That alone tempts guys over and over again, even if they suspect that a Romainian will be a bad punt.  That's punters who are reading the forums, so what chance does the un-knowing punter got?

It must be a successful business plan as Sergei keeps shipping them over, paying rent, Council Tax, advertising costs in non-free places and keeps them in vodka, food and fags.

I will not venture their again!

Offline rsoft

OP - thanks.

I was tempted to book her tomorrow as the photos are... reminding me someone :)
Shame she's like that - like krysha from Redlaver St, with who I met once - seems like exactly same type of punt

Offline Redevil86

I did a review for kryscha , holly shit, if there is one thing Thay are brilliant at is, getting away with fucking murder. ( so to speak )

She'll see some wrist action from me but that's about it  :bomb:

Offline Redevil86

Wank your self in to next week over ther pics My man, but don't visit them, leaches , and i'm being nice there !

Can't argue, Romanian WGs are often good looking but their performance is almost always total rubbish.

On the plus side though, some of the spelling mistakes in their profile descriptions are hilarious  :D

I try to give them a wide berth but have seen a few due to lack of availability of local talent.   I have no problem walking and have done on many occasions.   Cardiff only has a fraction of them coming over, larger cities such as brum has been literally invaded by them.   They tour the country like a country and western band.   

Offline Redevil86

Thay tour a lot because Thay can't stay in the same place too long because there phone go's dusty due the there uselessness ,  so Thay up sticks and drag there sorry arse's but very sexy looking profile's and dangle it in front of another bunch of cock thinking unsuspecting ( ? ) punters in another part of the country, this goes on for a year maybe two , then Thay vanish , maybe Spain, Holland , maybe home ,who knows . To be replace with 2,4,6,8 more poor young things . All sexy young girls most of which simply don't want your cock anywhere near them, hence there service is shit, Sergei has a lot at answer to.

Offline ruffrider

She is working with this girl  (i walked!) alot bigger than her pics suggest!!!

https://www.adultwork.com/3358249 or https://www.adultwork.com/AmandaSweeT22

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