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Author Topic: Chuman. Thai Orchid Leeds  (Read 1223 times)

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This is going to sound a bit odd,  as I spent way over the odds for the service I got,  but I really enjoyed it,  so there!!  lol

After reading on here someone recomending this place I thought I'd give it a go.
Love the entrance, through a shop.  Oriental shop,  never likely to see anyone near there I know,  no glances as you go in, or through to the stairs.  Like it.

Upstairs, nice lounge area  and reception.  Was introduced to the available girl (often no choice at thai places, don't know if normal here, though she was the only one available), who looked good so was happy to procede. Payed the 40 for the hour oil massage.

In room was left to get ready and asked to be on the table upon return. Nice warm room with shower and massage table, very clean.  Girl (think Chuman,  but wasn't very clear. Sounded like she was saying German, but starting with C!!  lol) came in and took the towel straight away from me,  very pleasant and proceded to start massaging me.  Was asked how I wanted it.
Massage was nice and was regularly touching me intimately, but not fully and I started to feel her bum (lovely).  Upon that she asked if I wanted anything special.

Was told no sex,  but went for full body to body with happy ending, which cost me another 80!!  Way over my odds for such a service for me,  but was in the zone and really enjoying myself.

What proceded was around 40-45 mins of fantastic oiled up body to body and playing.  was no kissing, oral,  but nowhere was out of bounds and she was great at what she did.  Really had a great session. Do feel if I continued to see her things could maybe progress.

At end followed her in the shower to clean up, dressed and go,  was actually in the place over an hour and a half!

So way over the odds for what I would pay,  but had a great time.  Certainly top end of what I would pay and the money I was hopping to see Tiff for fun with,  but really enjoyed this and will probbaly find myself in there again.

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