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Author Topic: Ava Koxxx and Elicia Solis - being treated rough by fake tittied porn stars!  (Read 5886 times)

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I was inspired this.....


The anticipation to fuck two fake titted pornstars made me rock hard already in the shower. I had asked Ava Koxxx and Elicia Solis to be bossy bitches. I wanted them aggressive and slutty girls rather than sweet. Elicia pulled off my towel to reveal my huge hard on. They pushed my back against the wall. One girl on each side of me. Ava took the lead of humiliating me with dirty language and physical abuse. Elicia wasn’t late to follow her sister in crime.  They spurred on each other to be nasty to me. What more can a man ask for than two beautiful girls with stunning make up and surgically enhanced bodies to torment him sexually?

I tried to kiss Elicia only to get told off that they hadn’t asked me to do that. Elicia started to teasingly strip off her expensive lingerie. She wore stockings and high heels. I commented that it was too classy set and not slutty and aggressive enough. I got the reply “Who are u to say” and then my cock got a slap from this turbo charged Essex girl. I tried to grab Ava’s big boob. “Fuck off! Say that you only will do as u r told”, Ava was telling me in her Manc drawl as she squeezed my balls. Say “please”  she shouted at me as she squeezed my balls harder and continued with the cock slapping. Sexy bitch!

Alicia then put her one of her perky boobs with its delicious nipple inches from my mouth. She ordered my tongue out. I started licking. Just to be told by Alicia:“Stop it!”. “You like big tits, you will get more than u fucking want then greedy boy” Ava ordered me to get lower so she could push her big bust into my face and smother me. I didn’t need to get much lower with her towering height of 6 ft 2 and heels on top. Ava pulled me through grabbing my cock hard across the room to the mirror. She wanted to show me in the mirror how she slammed her big inflated boobs repeatedly into my face so I would loose the ability to breathe and choke on tit flesh. Shouting fucking bitch to her made she only do it harder. When she was done, she kneed my cock which already had some pre-come on the top. Having your cock kicked by a tall Amazonian woman is fucking awesome.

Ava then pulled me with holding my balls to the bed. I was asked to stand up on my hand and knees to have my ass slapped ceremonially by both girls. Elicia said I should be happy that she had forgotten her whip in the car. They put me down on my back. Elicia blindfolded me with my own tie. The girls worked up one leg each with their mouths and tongues until they reached my cooc. I could feel one pair of plastic tits grinding against each of my legs. I was peeking out of my blindfold as it was too good to not look when I had two porn star lips sucking my cock. My earlier abused dick was lapping up the pleasure of their skilful tongues like a purring cat.

They had noticed the blindfold wasn’t working. As punishment for “cheating” with it, Ava tied it around my cock and balls. A nice little parcel! Then Elicia and Ava pulled one end each. I called them fucking mean cunts. Elicia said that she hadn’t had an orgasm yet today and wanted to ride me. She put on a condom and Ava kept pulling on my tie which was like a silk cock ring as Elicia pressed her tight pussy down on my bursting shaft.

I was only going to last minutes having a beautiful porn star with an amazing slim and tanned body and juicy plastic round bolt ons. I grabbed her fuck balls; her tits are so unashamedly fake! I asked Elicia to spit in my face. She wasn’t sure that I wanted to be treated that humiliating. Ava convinced her I deserved it and kept pulling at the tie / cock ring. I shot my load deep in Elicia’s pussy as her saliva was dripping from her pouty lips and she smeared it into my face. Brilliant!

Out with the Prosecco and toasting the first part of our naughty sesh.  We talked about the other porn stars that they had worked with and I had fucked such as Sandra Star, Tiffany Kingston and Emily B. Ava had the first of her three boob jobs when she was just 18. Hot! She is 1000cc now over the muscle. which looks very natural. She may go to 1500cc. Her tall statuesque body could take that and in my humble opinion a lot more. Elicia has had two boob jobs and is 525cc now. She had very little breast tissue as a natural and has to take it in stages. Her ambition is to get the tits to protrude more with 700-750cc implants. Elicia poured Prosecco over my still semi erect cock. I ordered her to oil up Ava’s monster tits. My time to dish out orders!

Elicia kneaded Ava’s big hooters with oil. What a sight Ava Koxxx’s big tits dripping with oil applied by Elicia Solis! “Make them huge tits ready for me to fuck babe!" as I grabbed Elicia’s amazing bubble butt which is more the kind of shape you would find on a black girl. I buried my dick deep in Ava’s tit valley and fucked them hard. She shouldn’t be the only one playing rough! Cock disappeared in tit meat. Ava would first deep throat me and then bite my cock a bit. Just enough teeth to make the pleasure sensation turn into a bit of pain.

Elicia and I were DFK’ing as I entered Ava’s pussy from behind. This girl has a big ass.  Fill her with spunk just as you did with me earlier said Elicia encouraging. I went for it. Elicia and I continued tongue kissing as I pounded Ava from behind and we took turns feeling Ava’s swaying mammaries. We discussed the weight of these bad boys as I exploded. A happily abused man!

Elicia commented on that I started to get hard for a third time as we had another drink. Hmm, it was really time to finish. These girls are really true porn stars, they certainly know how to play. I was heading out in the dark February London night with a big smile and semi erect dick, as Ava just had wrapped herself in her towel and walked across to hotel corridor to her room. Fucking cheeky girl...

Thank you Elicia Solis and Ava Koxxx, you are amazing!

4 review(s) found for AvaKoxxx linked to in above post (4 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)
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Offline Anadin

You're a fascinating chap sir. Nothing makes me realise how vanilla I am more than reading your reviews lol.

Anadin, i am sure your seshs are not vanilla!

I forgot the important detail how Ava Koxxx first used my tie to play with her big boobs; rubbing her nipples and sliding it up and down her ample cleavage. Elicia Solis then used used it to masturbate her pussy. She was fucking sliding it between her legs rubbing her clit and said that I would always remember this and quite possibly smell it when I wear that tie in the office.....


Offline Jerboa

Great report, two girls who work well together, agree Ava would look good with 1500cc boobs, I bet that's your favourite tie now.

Offline Steely Dan

Thanks for the review.  Sounds well hot.  Pondering a crazy session like this.

Can you please mention what you paid versus posted rate? AW posted rates can change.Was this straightforward to book - did one girl do the booking? And note that since you left Ava's AW number off the review, this review will not be linked to her by the software. I'll ask admin to add it.

Lastly, note the following from the Punting Wiki:

Things NOT to Say

4.) Thanks Ms Escort, I had a great time'. Just don't say this. The review area is for you to provide factual guidance to other punters, not to send messages to escorts.

I paid 400 which I think was an "introductory offer" from a 500ph rate for both.


Offline hairbald

I notice Elicia has removed escorting from her Aw profile. OP: Did she say she was giving up?

I notice Elicia has removed escorting from her Aw profile. OP: Did she say she was giving up?

Not at all, on the contrary! I think she is very committed to escorting. She is probably just not available for the next few weeks.

She and Ava Koxxx are planning to do duos in London every first week of the month.


Online Hertsgent

Well, it sounds OK I suppose  :wacko:

Nicely described.....

Thank you Sir for posting , great review , always fancied Ava although i think she is starting to look a bit manly with so many fillers botox etc . But sounds a great evening so fair play to you . Closest to Ava i have had is Emma Butt prob around 2/3 years ago quite the same stature as Ava although maybe not quite as slim.

Online Stonecold

🙏  to Hugebooblover for living the dream. Sounds like an awesome booming.

Offline anyfucker

"...When she was done, she kneed my cock which already had some pre-come on the top. Having your cock kicked by a tall Amazonian woman is fucking awesome. ..."
i think i'll pass on this part   :(  each to their own of course

Hi hugeboobs lover

Have you got the review with Emily b?


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