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Author Topic: Aisha Indian -- Hounslow  (Read 1049 times)

4 review(s) for AISHA FULL INDIAN  (1 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

For my first review i thought id start with my most recent one, and oh boy was it a dissapointing one.

https://www.adultwork.com/3043834 or https://www.adultwork.com/+Aisha+Indian

-Communication was handeled very well spoke decent English, which had me believe i was in for one hell of a punt as for what ever reason i believed was the WG , communicaiton via phone and texts. Was very accomodating as i was 20 mins late, but was told dont worry about it

- Arrangeded a meeting at 2pm, Paid £60 for 30 mins

-Location is pretty discreet.. located on the main road, but have to be buzzed in through this big gate which leads to the door to the aparatment block which is located at the back. And then buzzed in again through the door to the flat. Untill you walk your up to the actual flat door. (built like a fortress)
Was let in by this woman who i questioned if she was Aisha,  She replied no  i believe she was the person i talked to on the phone as i recognised that voice.. she seemed very firendly she went on to say that Aisha is getting ready for you and led me to a dimly lit room. as i waited another woman walked in again not Aisha, but looked brazillain who was also a WG, she came and asked if i wanted a duo, i was tempted at first as she was hot, but i replied next time maybe.
Couple mins later Aisha walks in..

Now she aint Indian, which most you guys know already, her nationality states that shes Brazillian. My innitial thoughts were that shes attractive but not as attractive as her pics had made her out to be. It says shes 25, i would add another 5 years to that.
facially i didnt find her that attractive, her body is bagning though especially dat ass.


 First negative i asked for DFK, but she firmly said no, to which i said 'but its written on your page' to which she replied ' must be a mistake'
I was looking forwards to a GFE sorta meet, but throughout the punt she was cold and distant,
we started with me giving her oral, but that stopped as soon as i saw little hairs on her legs, now that may not be a turnoff for some of yous, but for me it was a big negative, I like my girls to have smooth soft legs not rugged and prickly. so much for her getting ready for me.
I asked for the condom so she could get me hard OWO wasnt even mentioned.

The BJ was halfassed, but did its job enough for me to get hard, once hard i told her to get on top to which she mummled 'no too much work' which pissed me off but i wasnt in the mood to argue, i just wanted to blow my load and leave from there. So we started with missionary and she manages to piss me off yet again saying her tits are sore so go easy on them, and dont worry she made sure to remind me that every 2 mins or so,
we switiched to doggy which i gotta admit was the highlight right upto when she started saying your 'running out of time, CUM NOW' which i wasnt i still had fucking 15 mins.

On the offchance i asked if i could cum on her tits, i was expecting her to say no, but she agreed surprisingly so she gets in positon and pushes her tits together which was hot i gotta admit, but as i was getting ready to nut i cheekily edged forward abit to get some cum into her hair and i did LOL which pissed her off, but made me happy as fuck. i dont care care i paid 60 quid imma get as much satisfucation out that 60 quid.

Overall I'll say avoid  unless you get off on having a miserable experiance.

4 review(s) found for AISHA FULL INDIAN  linked to in above post (1 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative)

Cheers for your first review. More than unfortunate that she provided such a shit service.  :dash:

anyone got any suggestions for any young busty brazillians that gives a good experiance
age 25 and under
and that does 60 quid for 30 mins
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