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Author Topic: Veronica Tantra Massage Therapy Glasgow  (Read 3147 times)

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Offline Jock D


£100 for 1 Hour

Due to the tragic lack of decent Tantric providers in Glasgow these days, I decided to bite the bullet, and shell out £100(reduced from £120 on her website) for what I hoped would be a genuine top class tantric experience. Initial comms were good, I got through to her on the phone at first attempt, and booked up the appointment for later that day. Straight after the phone call she text me her address, which is in the Merchant City, and told me to text for flat number when I arrived.

However, 45mins before my appointment time, when I was already on my way, I received the dreaded 'I'm running 15mins late', text. Anyway, I text her at alloted new time and wait 5mins...no reply, so I phone her and it goes to answer machine, I wait another 5mins and I'm just about to go when she calls me with the flat number and directions to get to her flat when in the building. So by the time I get to her front door it's half an hour after my initial appointment time and no apology given.

She answers the door in a low cut short dress, showing impressive cleavage and overall  looking very good. I would say she is around 40ish with blonde hair, sexy looking woman, nice body, with good English spoken with a Spanish accent. Leads me into the tantra room, which is smallish with a typical 'New Age' decor vibe and subdued lighting.There is an ensuite bathroom which is well kited out as you would expect for the money and location. Session starts with some 'breathing exercises', that's me standing up naked and her still clothed lightly touching/tickling me kind of all over but not the genitals.

Then it's onto the massage table. where the tantric massage begins. About 15 mins into it whilst I'm still lying face down, she takes her dress off and carries on with the massage, a few minutes pass then she's at my side and leans over so that her tits are on my back, her leg is brushing against my left hand so I decide to have a little stroke off her arse, but she immediately put my hand back on the massage table. After this she moves to the top of the table and again leans over whilst massaging my back with her tits on the back of my head. Then it's turnover time, she's only wearing a thong and her tits are mightly impressive, almost too good to be natural, but at the same time they didn't look fake, and despite my best efforts I was never going to get a good feel or play with them to know for sure either way. After more massage, she stradlled the bottom end of the table and said 'I'm going to do the Lingham massage now'. For those of you not conversant with tantra parlance...that means I'm goint to wank you off now! So after about 3mins of this she says the session will be ending very soon 'do you want to contain or release your energy?'  :diablo: Are you having a laugh Veronica love? At £100 for the hour you better believe I want to release, in fact I'm gonna do my damndest to shoot my load right over those glorious tits that I'm not allowed to touch. So she proceeds to finish me off.

In short, good looking mature woman,great tits, nice flat, good location, but unfortunately, in my opinion she provides a completely overpriced, mechanical/clinical service.

Offline auldie63

Good review JD, will probably save some guys their hard earned. Pity it had to cost you so much but that's this dance unfortunately.

Offline MrFox

Thanks JD, definately avoiding this one

Surely with a £100 price tag, you would at least get to play with the chebs!! Thanks for the review 👍

Offline ickydicky

thanks for that review. Puts her in her place. Plan Z
Banning reason: Previously banned (stevieshake)

Good review. She'll be my Plan Z too

A hundred quid it would make you fekin weep .tantra bollocks complete utter rip off well as far as I'm concerned anybody going there has too  much money

Offline bigmike32

Have a wank save a hundred quid.

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