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Author Topic: Krista & Inessa: London, Bayswater, the land that Brits forgot  (Read 1119 times)

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http://www.hot-collection.co.uk/escort/krista & http://www.hot-collection.co.uk/escort/inessa
Venue: Bayswater
Price: £500 for 90 minutes - £280 & £220 respectively.

After my recent disaster had a week off to recharge, spent the time planning the next few weeks activities and arrived in Queensway with more than a little trepidation because another lousy punt would be as welcome as Rolph Harris at a school prizegiving.

Not seen many EE girls in this area, the notorious Mona & Raisa were working out of a flat round the corner on Bayswater Road last year and a few other girls on streets nearbye but Queensway itself is where I’ve only seen Asian girls in the past.

Booking was easy via text with the agency, made it yesterday & got address texted back within an hour, after the disaster of last week the receptionist said she told the girls to look after me.

The place: Unprepossessing entrance between tacky shops amongst the to-ing and fro-ing of gaggles of tourists dragging suitcases and humping backpacks, the only remarkable thing was I reckon I was the only Brit in the vicinity, nobody gave a fuck what I was up to as they went about their business.

My buzz was answered quickly and I entered a fairly grotty entranceway and up a flight of stairs, knocked on the flat door which opened in the time honoured way, walked in to be greeted by the girls in pretty cheap lingerie and heels, this was not Victoria’s Secret and if it was she wouldn’t be telling anyone about it.

The girls: Typical girls next door, well next door if you live in suburban Kiev. All Slavic cheekbones and a shock of lipstick but attractive none the less, not in a supermodel way but in a revealing cleavage and smiling in a your going to have a good time my friend type of way.

Krista listed as 24, 5’ 7 size 8 and Inessa, 26, 5’6 size 6 – 8   about right size wise, Krista is buxom with great tits, responsive nipples, biggish arse & thighs but all firm, Inessa could best be described as skinny , tits a bit droopy, body not as tight or toned as Krita but not malnourished, the photoshop fella had been kind to both girls, though kinder to Inessa and ages are subject to the usual -5 grading, so in reality, late 20s. Both clean, natural, no tattoos and thank goodness after last week’s debacle, no sign of fucking flip flops anywhere.

Our initial chat revealed that they were Ukrainian, not the advertised Polish, however I have spent a lot of time in Ukraine and a lot of time with Ukrainian girls, so for me that wasn’t a problem and gave us lots to talk about in the downtime between rounds.

The story: Advertised services were FK, DFK, GFE, OWO, CIF, COB, Deep throat, Massage, Toys, 69, CIM.

The session turned out to be all about me and went very well as we indulged in FK, DFK, OWO, rimming, ball licking/sucking, deep throat, fucking both girls in a selection of reverse cowgirl, doggy & missionary resulting in three pops, each achieved by a combination of OWO, stroking, ball licking, light rimming, DFK and each resulting in reducing volumes of CIM, COF, COB over both girls.

Conclusion: They confirmed reception were a little concerned in case I was not happy so they had been instructed to take good care of me which wasn't a problem because I am such a great guy bla bla bla. It was good punt with very good girls with a great attitude and Krista particularly speaks better English than most so the chat between rounds was enjoyable too.

In terms of value for money, pretty good in agency terms, some will slag me off and say better is available from indies at £120 but I couldn't find any who I fancied who had availability today. Next week is going to be another agency punt with Max's Angels, however I have booked to see Michelle Independent & Emily's Creme Brûlée in a couple of weeks so it will be interesting to make the comparison.
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