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Author Topic: Where other than adultwork?  (Read 707 times)

Hi all,

So, I've been punting for over 20 years, and back in the day I would find ladies in the local paper or trade-it.  Now of course I use adultwork pretty much exclusively.

I was just wondering if there is any chance I am missing out by only looking on adultwork i.e. is anyone aware of ladies who advertise elsewhere but don't also have an AW profile?

I'm just talking in the southwest specifically.

Just looking for reassurance, as I would hate to think I'm missing out!

Offline Terenas

I've often thought the same myself but not come up with any real alternatives.

Offline serialpunter65

There are other sites, but not as good, which is a shame because AW seem to have cornered the market. It gives them too much power. I know two girls who I visited recently who are completely honest with their likes list and photos - they are who they say they are and do what they say they do. Both have had their profiles deleted by AW, maybe some bastard punter complained about something, and they cant get back on, which means they have had to resort to agencies and pimps. I wish there was a good alternative to AW because I can see that sometimes they get it badly wrong and there is no way to appeal their crap decisions..
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No nothing useful, there is vivastreet but full of shit generally.

Offline santiago2

Theres auto-censored.co and Dorset pink site, both are quite good for local girls.

Offline raylondoner

Ace Massage is pretty big but nowhere near the size of AW. Does give local options but no search functionality

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