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Author Topic: Rachel-Superstar - Exeter (Tour)  (Read 1422 times)

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Offline devonred

Met with Rachel late one evening during her Exeter tour for an hour incall @ 165/Hour https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=1220354

I originally had a pre-arranged booking with one of my favourites, but unfortunately they had to canceled the morning of, so found myself in desperate search of a replacement as my availability for punting was ending that day for next couple of weeks, and was gagging for a punt anyway. Although I had ample time to find a replacement punt, none of my Bristol or Exeter go-to girls were available. Was tempted with a few girls in Bristol who I had not seen but are well reviewed on here, but couldn't really be bothered with driving to Bristol as the day went on. Was giving up hope and planning on heading to a local massage parlour which would end with HJ/Body to body, but I noticed Rachel was touring Exeter. She has been on my hotlist for a long time but had forgotten about her as she is on constant tour it always provided difficult to find appropriate date to see her. Dropped her a text and we swiftly set up an appointment.

Comms: As this was a same day appointment I opted to text. Pretty swift replies for the most part, and answered all my inquiries and confirmed what was on offer etc. Her profile states you must make a booking request on AW, however she provided me with her hotel address and appointment time without having to do one, once I had said I was happy with the time she offered. Room details sent once I had confirmed I had arrived. No issues.

Location: As Rachel is on constant tour, I won't go into to much detail about her location. It was however a nice, up-market hotel 4* hotel. Pay and display carpark (which Rachel made me aware of) across the street and discrete access to hotel, within a safe feeling environment. Rachel said she paid extra to allow her to a room that didn't mean I had to go through the bar/reception area. So very discrete entry. The room was tidy and clean, and shower facilities and drinks were made available.

Looks: 100% the girl in the photos. Looked exactly as I expected facially. Much smaller in person than I expected, I towered over her being 6'2, but I like smaller built girls so not an issue. She is slim and slender, but not particularly toned so plenty to grab hold of (she doesn't have an ounce of fat on her though) :). She has a nice tanned complexion, sexy but not OTT make up and well manicured and painted finger/toe nails. Boobs were a little bigger in person and she has great responsive nipples.

Rachel: Very laid back and down to earth girl. She is reflective of the person she portrays on her profile. She is not overly chatty but not the extent where it is awkward silences, but the right amount of chat. She is inquisitive (small talk) and attentive to detail, asking what I want and if I'm enjoying it quite often.

The Meeting: I was instructed to Rachel's room and was greeted by a cute pretty little thing. Dressed in some sexy lingerie, heels etc. I was pulled inside and began kissing and groping immediately. I had to interrupt as I needed to freshen up. Returned to find Rachel sitting on the end of the bed. She asked me to join her and we had a brief introduction before she was keen to get back to the fun. As I said she is a tiny thing and it was great having her straddle me on the end of the bed. Lots of french kissing, occasional tongue, and if I opted for tongue it wasn't rejected but she didn't initiate much herself. Never the less, really good kisser, nice soft lips and loves to alternate between lips and neck/shoulder/ears etc.  Really enjoyed this and lasted a good 5+ mins, her caressing me and slowly undressing me as she went along. Once I was stripped Rachel went to work on my cock for some lovely OWO and hand relief. Plenty of ball licking and caressing/kissing of my inner thighs. She had really nice manicured fingernails, so felt great as she gently caressed my balls with the tips of her nails. Her oral technique is good. Read on another review of her's that she had a 'toothy technique', but I didn't experience that.

I pulled Rachel up onto the bed where we laid together and continue with more kissing, more tongue involved this time, while she continue playing my little fella. Rachel was keen to go back down and began with the OWO and hand relief. Again great technique, a little faster and more intense this time, still paying loads of attention to my balls. Was absolutely bliss down there and was close to cumming. Rachel advertises CIM (a favourite of mine) but I opted to fuck her first.  Having read good things on previous reviews about her being a great shag, i wanted to make sure a gave her a good seeing too incase it turned out to be a 1 pop hour. On with the condom and Rachel was about to climb on top when she stopped and asked me to sit in her chair. Moved over the chair and Rached got on top. The chair was inbetween the side cabinet and the bed, so lots of balancing points to allow for some great positions. Rachel was really tight and felt great as I slipped inside her. She began bouncing up and down on my cock and her positioning made it great to be able to move her about and control the speed. She fucks with a lot of gusto and makes some great sounding noises. Was a fantastic fuck and I had to slow down and change position a few times to prevent myself from popping. Usually like to get the first pop out of the way to ensure a second, but this felt so good I wanted to prolong it. We were fucking on the chair for ages, her wrapping her body around mine for balance and alternating to using the bed for balance which allowed her to lean back and feel even tighter. Flipped her around for some reverse cowgirl on the chair which was just as good. Rachel asked to be fucked from behind and climbed unto the bed in front of her mirror. We continued in the same form as before, a real intense fuck. Rachel is very flexible and is able to arch her back quite far, leaving her ass hanging in the air and making her feel even more tight. Being so small it was great to fuck her doggy and play with her tits and go in for some kissing. She took a real pounding before the inevitable pop. We were both exhausted and in buckets of sweat.  :wacko:

We cleaned ourselves up and caught our breath and laid on the bed together cuddling. Very natural and good GFE vibe from Rachel. Chatted about various things whilst Rachel gave me massage. Nothing special but was nice enough without being a proper massage. I flipped back onto my front and we began more kissing and Rachel began stirring my little fella back to life. At this stage we only had 15mins or so left as most of it had got taken up in the fucking, and Rachel asked if I could go again. I probably could of but was quite satisfied at that point and didn't want her to start incase she didn't finish, which is the worst  :thumbsdown:. So we just enjoyed some more kissing and some fondling on my cock and balls as I played with her breasts. Time came where I had to leave, took it upon myself to make a move, wasn't forced out at all by Rachel. She actually made a note of telling my the TV clock was fast so was about 3mins ahead of real time. Got dressed, wasn't offered a shower but I'm sure it would of been available if I wanted it, as was welcome to have one at the beginning. One last passionate kiss and I made my way out.

Overall, Rachel is a very pleasant and  good looking girl, real natural vibe about her. Although she offers and has done and enjoys more 'kinky' things, she told me she is mainly into GFE and I think she provides a very good, passionate GFE service. £165/hour is at the higher end of most people's budget, but I was happy to pay due to having very natural and accurate pictures, having an extensive likes list with only A-Levels missing, and being a genuine English girl. Also, the actual sex was defiantly in my top 3 ever, it was fantastic. I would defiantly return under the right circumstances,  but was defiantly one I was happy to tick off the list.  :hi:
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17 review(s) found for rachel-superstar linked to in above post (15 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Scootersx

Great review,need to catch up with her on her next tour 👍

Great review as all of those for this girl have been. I'm taking the plunge and will report back!

Offline devonred

Great review as all of those for this girl have been. I'm taking the plunge and will report back!

Hope you have a similarly good time  :thumbsup:

Offline agent47

Great review definitely going to be my next punt. I've been trying to meet this girl for sometime now but had no luck the first two times my own fault and problems the third just a few weeks ago she was ill fair enough. But as she comes to my town often im anticipating her being hear soon so i may finally get to see her. Have been thinking about giving her a serious pounding for awhile now.

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